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Shannon Bledsoe
A Mother’s Success is a Daughter’s Inspiration

Who inspires you? When asked this question, we all have a special person that comes to mind. For Shannon Bledsoe, that person is her mother.

“I remember my mother going to college at Marion Technical College to become a nurse when I was in middle school. I was inspired by not only her hard work, but her textbooks,” Shannon recalls. She said that she loved all of the pictures of organs and the internal functions of the human body.

These early memories stuck with Shannon, and she ended up following in her mother’s footsteps coming to Marion Technical Shannon BledsoeCollege right out of high school. She started in the nursing program but switched programs to earn her Medical Assisting (MA) certificate. She saw a faster path to earn money and ended up landing a position with Damascus Family Medicine in Marysville.

Shannon has the deepest respect for her friends at Damascus. She told them that her ultimate goal was to become a nurse, which meant eventually terminating her employment, and they were still very  supportive. “I knew I wanted to continue my education and become a nurse. When I discussed this with my supervisors at Damascus, they could not have been more supportive,” Shannon said. “It was a very difficult decision to back down from my position with the fear of not being able to support my family, but having their full support was so helpful. “

With love and support from her family, friends, and employer, Shannon made it through the MTC Nursing program and is now employed in a local hospital learning the ropes. Looking back on the experience, she said that it was grueling, difficult, and there were several occasions where she felt like giving up. But she didn’t. This kind of intensity in a program causes you to make fast friends with those who are going through it. She said having that support from her teachers and peers in the classroom helped keep her going. “We supported each other and kept each other going. I wouldn’t have made it through without my classmates,” she said.

Shannon said that her combination of medical assisting skills and nursing degree have served her well in her new role as a nurse. “Having an MA background has helped me with technical terminology. Having that real world experience at Damascus has served me well, too,” she said.

Shannon does not want to lose sight of her first love and is teaching a Medical Assisting course here at Marion Technical College. She said she has enjoyed the experience and uses her personal story to inspire her students to persevere.

Shannon is a “super user” of MTC. First a certificate, then a nursing degree, and now an instructor! We are so happy to have her on our campus and she’s ready to teach you! MTC is waiting to inspire you! Visit us today!

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