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Michaela GordonMichaela Gordon, current accounting student at Marion Technical College, is no stranger to hard work.  She is going to school full-time while working full-time at Lubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI) out of Mount Gilead, Ohio. That’s a lot to take on, but Michaela has it all under control. She is taking classroom knowledge into her new position where she is allowed to make mistakes, ask questions, and explore business practices for the best results. A perfect environment for hands-on learning – it doesn’t get any better than that!

How did she find such an opportunity?

Michaela received an email asking her to post her resume on the MTC Works! Career Services College Central Network website, which would link her talents with several employers in the area and throughout the state of Ohio. Michaela worked closely with Career Services Specialist Deb Murphy who helped her structure her resume to showcase her talents. “Deb and MTC WORKS! were both very helpful tools. Deb got my resume in order and hooked me up with several job opportunities,” Michaela said.

Finding the Right Fit!

Deb Murphy truly is a “specialist” at finding the perfect match between employee and employer. Brenda Lesko, Operations Manager at Lubrication Specialties can attest to this. Deb initially helped Brenda post her job opportunity on the MTC Works! Career Services College Central Network website and then followed up with Brenda when she found Michaela – it was a match! “I don’t need to work; I was employed at Ohio State’s main campus for 30 years. I do this because I love it. But I wanted to find someone who could be groomed to take on my duties when I retire (again),” Brenda said of Michaela. “Michaela is working out great for that,” she added.

Happily Ever After … Brenda Lesko

Lubrication Specialties offers a product called Hot Shots ( that is sold in stores and online to major suppliers of the automotive supply industry. “It was something I had never heard of, so I had to learn about the company and the product,” Michaela said of her position. “I felt very comfortable from the start though. Brenda gave me just enough direction.” Brenda agreed that the chemistry between the two came naturally. She liked Michaela’s ability to solve problems and find answers independently. Yet, she reports, Michaela was not afraid to ask questions when she needed direction. “She Googles a lot,” Brenda said with a smile.

Michaela admits that holding down a full-time job and a full-time course load is a lot to handle. “My parents were shocked that I got a job in my field before I even graduated,” she said. “It is tough, but I am learning with this position
and school that it can be done with good time management.” She puts her classroom skills to the test in her current place of employment doing everything from inventory, payroll, and helping with statistical data. She said that she enjoys problem solving the most. 

We think she picked the right major.

PlantSo, it looks like MTC Works! Career Services found another great match between employer and employee and we are thrilled that Lubrication Specialties has given Michaela a shot! “Students have to experience life and learn from it,” Michaela said of her experience and we couldn’t agree more! If you want to learn and use your classroom skills, be sure to get acquainted with MTC Works! Career Services and Deb Murphy, Career Services Specialist.

If you are an employer, follow Brenda’s lead and post your positions through MTC Works! Career Services College Central Network website. Perfect matches are waiting on you!

Learn more at or call Deb Murphy at 740.389.4636,  Ext. 317 today!


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