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Meet alumni Christine McCoy and her staff from Marion General Hospital.

For some of us, the word audit " would send us into a bit of a panic – but for 1985 Accounting graduate, Christine Christine McCoryMcCoy – the word audit " is music to her ears. Especially since she and her department had a flawless audit at Marion General Hospital (MGH) this past year. Yes, it was perfect – no recommendations, no errors – PERFECT! If you aren't sure just how rare that is, Marion General was the only hospital in the OhioHealth System (ten hospitals combined) to have a perfect audit. This is the first time in my 20-year career at Marion General that it has been perfect. They almost always find some kind of recommendation for you, " McCoy comments on the rarity.

Marion Technical College almost lost Christine and all of her talents to Bowling Green State University. She's a local girl. She grew up in Marion, attended River Valley High School, and enjoyed farming with her parents, 4-H Club, and math. I was registered and everything at Bowling Green, but at the last minute decided that I didn't want to go away for college, " McCoy recalls about her decision to attend MTC.

She recalls her time at MTC and says that it was a great experience. It was good for me because I wanted to get to the nitty-gritty and didn't want all of the extra classes that go along with an extended (4-year) degree, "McCoy says. I worked part-time to help pay for college, so the price tag was right, too," she adds.

Her ambition turned her part-time job into a full-time career in the field of accounting after graduation. She worked her way up the ladder and quickly went from counting inventory to managing payroll.

GroupShe then moved to a job that was more challenging. I became a jack of all trades for a small doctor's office. Because it was a small operation, I did everything. I was the office manager and the auditor, "McCoy said. I discovered that I really loved auditing!" This love led her to her path of 20 years at Marion General Hospital where she has gone from an accounting clerk, to a junior accountant, Senior Accountant, Financial Analyst, and now the Finance Manager of the department.

Christine McCoy takes great pride in her team of accounting professionals. Christine was quick to point out, I'm not the only graduate in my department from MTC. There are six of us in my department and five of us attended Marion Technical College. As for the sixth, Donna Tiller – we put her on the recruiting list at the College!

MTC would like to take a little credit for this perfect audit and recognize the hard work and determination of a group of graduates who have formed a team beyond MTC. We are proud of them and all of their accomplishments.

Meet the Perfect Audit " Team at MGH

Stacy L. Taylor Stacy Taylor

"I was not your typical student. I was married with two teenage boys and was pregnant with my daughter all while taking classes. I also worked full-time so as I was learning I was able to apply that knowledge immediately! I have since transferred to Franklin University. I took several years off and I am now currently enrolled at Franklin. My advice … have patience! Life gets busy and very stressful and it is very easy to want to give up and quit. I cannot say this loud enough ... staying and getting your college education is one of the most important accomplishments that you will ever do. No matter where your life takes you, the education you receive follows and opens doors that otherwise would have remained closed!! "

Theresa Willispic

"I had already gained some work experience but I needed to further my education. I feel my degree from MTC was the education I needed to move me forward in my career. My advice ... it's never too late! MTC is good at working with older students. "



Jan ManleyJan Manley

I was very prepared for the workforce! I graduated in June of 1992 and was hired at MGH on September 1, 1992, in the Medical Records department ... about a year later there was an opening in the Finance Department and I was offered a position and accepted it. I have been here ever since. My advice is this; if you want a good job, then you need a good, solid education which you will receive at MTC!

Kathleen StallardKathleen Stallard

"If you are considering attending college, just take that step to do it. That's the hardest part is to take that first step – to make that call or stop by the admissions office to make an appointment. If you think about starting college and don't take that first step until a year after you first thought about it, think of where you would be in your education if you had taken that step when you first considered college? It's human nature to be uncomfortable " with the unknown. Marion Tech takes that uncomfortable " away and helps you settle into class so you can become successful in your future. "


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