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Congratulations to Fall Term 2013 Dean’s List Students at MTC

February 7, 2014 — Marion, Ohio — Marion Technical College has named 239 full-time students to its Fall Term dean’s list. To qualify for the scholastic honor, a student must earn at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average for the term and be enrolled at MTC as a full-time student.    
Part-time students (less than 12 credit hours) during Summer, Fall and/or Spring Semesters of an academic year are named to the Dean’s List after Spring Semester by achieving a minimum accumulative 3.5 GPA with 12 or more credit hours included in the calculation for the three semester period.   Full-time enrollment in any one of the three semesters during the academic year disqualifies a student from achieving Dean’s List under the part-time status provision.                              

Credits from classes graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U), credits for developmental classes (course id less than1000), and credits transferred in from other institutions are not calculated into your full-time or part-time load when your GPA is calculated.  

First Name Last Name City   First Name Last Name City
Tyler Horn Arlington   Devin Durain Marion
Kylie Gingery Ashland   Terra Ferriman Marion
Sheryl Schafrath Ashland   Dale Field Marion
Brad Poplin Ashley   Nickie Freeman Marion
Kristine Tigner Athens   Jesse Fry Marion
Patricia Mullins Bellville   Virgie Gault Marion
Haley Burling Bucyrus   Lizabeth Graff Marion
Emily Fackler Bucyrus   Matthew Green Marion
Morgan Inscho Bucyrus   Matthew Green Marion
Ashley Quesinberry Bucyrus   Jason Harlow Marion
Gabrielle Richardson Bucyrus   Jeffrey Hartman Marion
James Sabo Bucyrus   Stanley Hedger Marion
Connor Teters Bucyrus   Richard Hensley Marion
Jacquelyn VanScoder Bucyrus   Rachel Hodge Marion
Laura Berry Caledonia   Christopher Jarrett Marion
Patrick Bier Caledonia   Ashley Jorgensen Marion
Kayle Caldwell Caledonia   Shana Kearns Marion
Sarah Francisco Caledonia   Kyle Kelly Marion
Eric Messenger Caledonia   Raymond Kestranek Marion
Miranda Smith Caledonia   Brian Kibler Marion
Samantha Akers Cardington   Charles King Marion
Christie Boggs Cardington   Aaron Kneisley Marion
Dakota Halbert Cardington   Joshua Knisely Marion
Cody Hess Cardington   Daniel Lenarz Marion
Kristina Kaple Cardington   Shane Lewandowski Marion
Christy Leonard Cardington   Nicholas Lombardi Marion
Deborah McCracken-Patrick Cardington   Orie Long Marion
Diettra Minturn Cardington   Daniel Lucas Marion
Chelsea Nauman Cardington   Tammy Marks Marion
Aaron Sanders Cardington   Jaimie Mason Marion
Noah Zierden Cardington   Joshua Massey Marion
Lora Vehre Carey   Shannon Maynard Marion
Jennifer Brooks Centerburg   Ishaya McGee Marion
Lucas Prince Chesterville   Andrew Milligan Marion
Justin Cameron Clarksburg   John Millington Marion
Natasha Konkle Columbus   Zachary Norris Marion
Danielle McClelland Columbus   Desmond Omabegho Marion
David Treneff Columbus   Alexis Osborn Marion
Jenna Oard Columbus Grove   Antonio Overton Marion
Pamela Dunford Crestline   Justine Pinkerton Marion
Carey Baker Delaware   Jeffrey Price Marion
Kelsey Bletsch Delaware   Zachary Probst Marion
Benjamin Boice Delaware   Michael Quaintance Marion
Lisa Burrell Delaware   Jacob Reese Marion
Courtney Cummins Delaware   Michael Rigsbee Marion
Teresa Heeter Delaware   Eric Scisum Marion
Nichole Mullins Delaware   Kaylon Shamblin Marion
Nicolas Pierce Delaware   Christina Shearer Marion
Virginia Smith Delaware   Dale Simpkins Marion
Michelle Snavely Delaware   Shelby Smith Marion
Angela Thomas Delaware   Ryan Stallings Marion
Jessica Mooney Edison   Margaret Standley Marion
Katy Townsley Findlay   Hannah Stoltzfus Marion
April Blue Forest   Heather Stone Marion
Jennifer Brand Forest   Ruben Thomas Marion
Addie Franklin Fredericktown   Michael Tighe Marion
Crystal Mandala Fredericktown   Robert Tosco Marion
Seth Robinson Fredericktown   Coral Triplett Marion
Lance Stambaugh Fredericktown   Nathan Waldock Marion
Sarah Ard Galion   John Wallace Marion
Tavis Enderle Galion   Sierra Walston Marion
Joshua Hubler Galion   Kylah Webb Marion
Ryan Jung Galion   Craig Wheeler Marion
Carrie Pickering Galion   Anthony Whitt Marion
Jodell VanHorne Galion   Staci Wilson Marion
Amanda Weir Galion   Allen Zhang Marion
Zachary Hinkle Harpster   Bailey Howard Marysville
Shandi Johnson Harpster   Mallory Meckstroth Marysville
Kaylee Lear Harpster   Joshua Reser Marysville
Krystina Knerr Harrod   Brittany Young Marysville
Erin Stankey Hilliard   Nathan Zitner Milan
Briana Wood Irwin   Amanda Watts Morral
Kevin Titus Kenton   Chris Anderson Mount Gilead
Hayden Rees La Rue   Jenna Bartlett Mount Gilead
Sarah Jamieson Lexington   Chase Beekman Mount Gilead
Janaye Brown Lima   Mary Bell Mount Gilead
John Newport Lima   Stacie Bosh Mount Gilead
Leonard Bradford Mansfield   Jessica Chafin Mount Gilead
Jeremy Johnson Mansfield   Maurice Graham Mount Gilead
Emily Lovelace Mansfield   Pepsi Lemos Mount Gilead
Thomas Parrish Mansfield   Alexa Planey Mount Gilead
Meredith Porterfield Mansfield   Sarah Ramsey Mount Gilead
Rachel Best Marengo   Patricia Uzkuriene Mount Gilead
Amy Blacker Marengo   Heather Williamson Mount Gilead
Jenna Bowling Marengo   Courtney Wilson Mount Victory
Alyssa Brown Marengo   Jannetta Martin Mt Gilead
Nichole Carter Marengo   Megan Heinlen Nevada
Rebecca Duncan Marengo   Anna Rogers Nevada
Molly Morehouse Marengo   Taylor Riedy New London
Kayla Roush Marengo   Dylan Maas Ottawa
Austin Schindley Marengo   Sarah Moll Powell
Kamberly Terry Marengo   Hannah Day Prospect
Matthew Adrian Marion   Colton Price Prospect
Cathena Aldridge Marion   Julie Ryan Prospect
Jessica Aldridge Marion   James Sharp Prospect
Robert Anderson Marion   Joshua Kirkbride Reno
Andrew Ault Marion   Amanda McKinney Richwood
Samantha Baker Marion   Paige Pertuset Richwood
Nancy Balis Marion   Amanda Allen San Antonio
Sarah Barnett Marion   Sharon Hill South Salem
Robert Bartoe Marion   Katlyn Johnson Sparta
Ryan Bell Marion   Alex Dargie Stamford
Lacey Bialecki Marion   Danielle Brodman Upper Sandusky
Ryan Bickers Marion   Sarah Downey Upper Sandusky
Noreen Bilger Marion   Leslie Flores Upper Sandusky
Kelly Boblenz Marion   Holly Grove Upper Sandusky
Jared Bryan Marion   Sean Harford Upper Sandusky
Erin Christner Marion   Carrie Lear Upper Sandusky
Shane Chumbley Marion   Doreen Lemmert Upper Sandusky
Ashley Clark Marion   Dorian Mathews Upper Sandusky
Clarence Coker Marion   Kenneth McKee Upper Sandusky
Kevin Collier Marion   Katherine Rowland Upper Sandusky
Garrett Coppler Marion   Jennifer Swinehart Upper Sandusky
Kylene Crump Marion   Marguerite Wood Upper Sandusky
Sabrina Cumston Marion   Molly Kidwell Waldo
Joshua Dallas Marion   Stephanie Payne Waldo
Cody Daniel Marion   Dana Schlauch West Salem
Noah Dean Marion   Kendra Lugin Westerville
Aaron Deems Marion   Melissa Hammond Willard
Jessica Deyarmond Marion        

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