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Congratulations to Spring Term 2014 Dean’s List Students at MTC

May 30, 2014 — Marion, Ohio — Marion Technical College has named 163 full-time students to its Spring Term dean’s list. To qualify for the scholastic honor, a student must earn at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average for the term and be enrolled at MTC as a full-time student. 
Part-time students (less than 12 credit hours) during Summer, Fall and/or Spring Semesters of an academic year are named to the Dean’s List after Spring Semester by achieving a minimum accumulative 3.5 GPA with 12 or more credit hours included in the calculation for the three semester period.   Full-time enrollment in any one of the three semesters during the academic year disqualifies a student from achieving Dean’s List under the part-time status provision.                              

Credits from classes graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U), credits for developmental classes (course id less than1000), and credits transferred in from other institutions are not calculated into your full-time or part-time load when your GPA is calculated.  

First Name Last Name City Curriculum   First Name Last Name City Curriculum
Tyler Horn Arlington Mechanical Eng   Scott Foster Marion AA-2 years
Brandi Blough Ashland Health Information Technician   Timothy French Marion Business Management ASAP
Donald Norris Ashley CIT Networking Major   Amber Gabbert Marion Business Management
Thomas Pike Ashley LPN Transition to RN   Daniel Goins Marion Basic Business NCCI
Brad Poplin Ashley Radiography   George Gonzales Marion Business Admin MCI
Rebecca Votaw Ashley Criminal Justice   Warren Gott Marion Basic Business NCCI
Matthew VanDorn Bellaire Business Management   Lizabeth Graff Marion Pharmacy Tech Degree
Kathryn Vermillion Belle Center Health Information Technician   Dean Greashaber Marion Business Management ASAP
Samantha Kelley Bellville AA-2 years   Matthew Green Marion Basic Business NCCI
Patricia Mullins Bellville Health Info Tech   Aubrey Greer Marion Nursing RN
Laura Blankenship Bloomville Office Info Medical   Heather Griffith Marion Accounting
Sandra Brown Bloomville Business Management   Skylar Haberman Marion Human and Social Svs
Brianna Willford Bloomville Nursing RN   Odia Halcomb Marion Basic Business MCI
Lauren Champine Brookville Sonography   Daniel Hall Marion Basic Business MCI
Derrick Adams Bucyrus Business Management ASAP   Brooke Hanshaw Marion Physical Therapist Assistant
Haley Burling Bucyrus AS-2 years   David Hardnett Marion Basic Business MCI
Erin Chavatzas Bucyrus Physical Therapist Assistant   Joseph Heidrick Marion Business Admin NCCI
Catherine Clayton Bucyrus Physical Therapist Assistant   Julius Hernandez Marion Basic Business NCCI
Allison Crall Bucyrus AA-2 years   Stephen Hickman Marion Basic Business MCI
Kami Davidson Bucyrus AS-2 years   Owen Hobbs Marion Basic Business MCI
Emily Fackler Bucyrus Business Management   Annette Holler Marion Human and Social Services
Jeremy Halm Bucyrus Physical Therapist Assistant   Shane Hoskins Marion Radiography
Brittany Kocher Bucyrus AA-2 years   Keith Hume Marion Basic Business NCCI
Brooke Miller Bucyrus AA-2 years   Heather Hunt Marion Sonography
Casey Nickler Bucyrus Nursing RN   Sherry Hutchins Marion Business Management ASAP
Lindsay Rausch Bucyrus AA-2 years   Jeremy Iker Marion Basic Business NCCI
James Sabo Bucyrus Nursing RN   Charles James Marion Basic Business MCI
Jaid Sand Bucyrus AA-2 years   Eli Johnson Marion Basic Business MCI
Reegan Scott Bucyrus AA-2 years   Tyler Jones Marion Radiography
Andrew Teynor Bucyrus Mechanical Eng   Sarah Jordan Marion Human and Social Svs
Jessica Thompson Bucyrus Medical Laboratory Technology   Raymond Kestranek Marion Basic Business MCI
Pamela Bryant Caledonia Business Management ASAP   Harry Knappage Marion Business Admin MCI
Kayle Caldwell Caledonia Business Management   Joshua Knisely Marion Basic Business MCI
Abigail Fryman Caledonia Criminal Justice   Kenneth Koller Marion Basic Business MCI
Taylor Harris Caledonia Medical Billing Code   Ashlee Leighty Marion Human and Social Services
Victoria Lyon Caledonia Sonography   Daniel Lucas Marion AA-2 years
Eric Messenger Caledonia Business Management   Russell Lyttle Marion Basic Business NCCI
Robin Schelb Caledonia AA-2 years   Jeffrey Marshall Marion Basic Business NCCI
Barbara Wakely Caledonia Business Management ASAP   Joshua Massey Marion Basic Business MCI
Stephanie Worden Caledonia AA-2 years   Terry Massie Marion Basic Business MCI
Samantha Akers Cardington Nursing RN   Elizabeth Mathias Marion Business Management
Christie Boggs Cardington Nursing RN   Summer McCrery Marion Sonography
Courtney Dobucki Cardington Sonography   Samuel McDowell Marion Basic Business MCI
Charity Edwards Cardington Accounting   Hannah McQuistion Marion AA-2 years
Dakota Halbert Cardington Radiography   Jeffrey Michalak Marion Basic Business NCCI
Kari Henthorn Cardington Nursing RN   Andrew Milligan Marion Physical Ther Asst
Brooklin Hursey Cardington AA-2 years   Bailee Moodispaugh Marion Occupational Therapy Assistant
Brandon Jackson Cardington Business Management   Willie Murphy Marion Business Admin MCI
Kristina Kaple Cardington Accounting   Seth Nead Marion Business Management
Joshua Kill Cardington AA-2 years   George Nicol Marion Basic Business NCCI
Jackie Kincaid Cardington Health Information Technician   Olivia Niles Marion AA-2 years
Christy Leonard Cardington Health Info Tech   Jason Oldfield Marion AS-2 years
Deborah McCracken-Patrick Cardington HR Mgt Online   Kenneth Patierno Marion Business Admin NCCI
Diettra Minturn Cardington Medical Asst Deg   Jenica Perry Marion Medical Laboratory Technology
Thomas Rankin Cardington Mechanical Eng   Jeffrey Rebarchek Marion BusAdmin NCCamp
Noah Zierden Cardington AA-2 years   Kelsey Reed Marion AA-2 years
Allison Kesler Carey AA-2 years   Patricia Reid Marion Human and Social Services
Jean Lonsway Carey AS-2 years   Vilma Ring Marion Pharmacy Tech Degree
Aaron Prater Carey Nursing RN   Donald Robinson Marion Basic Business NC Camp
Jamie Shuler Carey Nursing RN   Corey Roszman Marion Business Admin MCI
Laura Mains Centerburg Medical Laboratory Technology   James Ruggles Marion Basic Business NCCI
Taylor Smith Centerburg Human and Social Svs   Roosevelt Rush Marion Basic Business NCCI
Paul Ulmer Chatfield AA-2 years   Patty Salisbury Marion Nursing RN
Lucas Prince Chesterville AA-2 years   Shawn Schrubb Marion Basic Business NCCI
Jeanette Donohoe Columbus Sonography   Hannah Schurch Marion Human and Social Services
Charles Justice Columbus Physical Therapist Assistant   Krystal Siler Marion Sonography
Meghan McBrien Columbus Physical Therapist Assistant   Kyle Simpkins Marion Basic Business NCCI
Nichole Oliver Columbus Physical Therapist Assistant   Laura Skinner Marion Human and Social Services
Dawn Shafer Columbus Grove Health Information Technician   Nicholas Smith Marion AA-2 years
Pamela Dunford Crestline Health Info Tech   Shelby Smith Marion Human and Social Svs
Elizabeth McGhee Defiance Health Information Technician   Shannon Snavely Marion Basic Business NCCI
Julie Bauer Delaware AA-2 years   Lavouia Spann Marion Business Admin NCCI
Jenna Boliantz Delaware Nursing RN   Richard Sparks Marion Basic Business NCCI
Lisa Burrell Delaware Business Management   David Speweike Marion Basic Business NC Camp
Mitchell Delong Delaware AA-2 years   Ed Spillman Marion Basic Business MCI
Bret Dennis Delaware CIT Networking Major   Samantha Spitzer Marion Medical Asst Deg
Kirin Dixon Delaware Sonography   Charles Spurlock Marion Basic Business NCCI
Andrea Hecker Delaware Nursing RN   Jessica Steiner Marion Human and Social Services
Melissa Hedges Delaware Occupational Therapy Assistant   Matthew Stewart Marion Basic Business NC Camp
Lexis Jordan Delaware AS-2 years   Meghan Stose Marion Human and Social Svs
Jedidiah Markley Delaware Communications(Tele) Technician   Ian Stuckey Marion Basic Business MCI
Monika McCreary Delaware Sonography   James Sturznickel Marion Basic Business MCI
Nichole Mullins Delaware Accounting   Toni Swearingen Marion Health Information Technician
Amber Otten Delaware AA-2 years   Christopher Thomas Marion Basic Business NCCI
Nicolas Pierce Delaware CIT Software Develop   Krystal Thompson Marion LawEnforcementDegree
Tina Pili Delaware Human Resource Management Online   Joseph Tracy Marion Basic Business NCCI
Sarah Ross Delaware Nursing RN   Coral Triplett Marion AA-2 years
James Russell Delaware AA-2 years   Benjamin Tubbs Marion Basic Business NC Camp
David Shaffer Delaware CIT Networking Major   John Wallace Marion Basic Business NCCI
Abigail Smith Delaware AA-2 years   Emily Ward Marion AA-2 years
Virginia Smith Delaware Sonography   Jessica Watts Marion Health Information Technician
Armi Stobinski Delaware Nursing RN   Cory Webb Marion Business Management
Andrew Thompson Delaware Electrical Engineer   Anthony Whitt Marion Basic Business NCCI
Erin Tope Delaware Sonography   Ashley Wilson Marion Basic Business MCI
Kristen White Delaware Occupational Therapy Assistant   Staci Wilson Marion Human and Social Svs
Bernadette Wise Delaware Sonography   Andrew Woodyard Marion Accounting
Todd Perkins Dublin Physical Therapist Assistant   Kayla Wooten Marion AA-2 years
Michelle Trimmer Edison Human Resource Management Option   Sara Barlow Marysville Human Resource Management Online
Michelle Homan Findlay Occupational Therapy Assistant   Kristy Cellar Marysville Sonography
Jennifer Brand Forest Criminal Justice   Bethany Crozier Marysville Radiography
Mackenzie Heacock Forest Physical Therapist Assistant   Will Green Marysville Interactive Media
Anna Massara Forest AA-2 years   Jessica McCombs Marysville Nursing RN
Amanda Morrow Forest Human and Social Services   Hannah Nichols Marysville Office Info Medical
Cynthia Dominy Fredericktown Health Information Technician   Michelle Rausch Marysville Health Info Tech
Addie Franklin Fredericktown Nursing RN   Joshua Reser Marysville Occupational Therapy
Katlyn Gleason Fredericktown Business Marketing Management Major   Kellie Jo Sements Marysville Medical Asstng Cert
Jennifer McGuire Fredericktown Occupational Therapy   Mark Tuttle Morral Business Management ASAP
Victoria Sherman Fredericktown Occupational Therapy Assistant   Amanda Watts Morral Human and Social Svs
Megan Van Dyke Fredericktown Human and Social Svs   Laurie Adkins Mount Gilead Nursing RN
Deborah Weaver Fredericktown Health Information Technician   Donna Ball Mount Gilead Nursing RN
Steve Clements Galena Mechanical Engineering   Jenna Bartlett Mount Gilead Business Management
Sarah Ard Galion Nursing RN   Kimberly Bash Mount Gilead Nursing RN
Elizabeth Collins Galion Business Management ASAP   Chase Beekman Mount Gilead Criminal Justice
Tavis Enderle Galion Electrical Engineer   Makayla Beetham Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Amanda Gatlin Galion Sonography   Lauren Bood Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Joshua Hubler Galion CIT Software Develop   Veronica Carroll Mount Gilead Medical Laboratory Technology
Sherri Leonard Galion Health Information Technician   Larissa Ervin Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Nichole Miller Galion Medical Billing and Coding Certificate   Taylor Hack Mount Gilead AS-2 years
Cassandra Ramey Galion AA-2 years   Austin Jennings Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Kelsey Reeder Galion AA-2 years   Rachel LaRoche Mount Gilead Health Information Technician
Colton Ross Galion AA-2 years   Pepsi Lemos Mount Gilead Pharmacy Tech Degree
Jared Rummell Galion CIT Software Develop   Ellen Petulla Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Jennifer Scheidler Galion CIT Software Development   Alexa Planey Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Audreana Smith Galion Sonography   Sarah Ramsey Mount Gilead Criminal Justice
Kazee Smith Galion Pharmacy Tech Degree   Janelle Renwick Mount Gilead Criminal Justice
Laura Uxley Galion Radiography   Alexis Smrcina Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Douglas Weinandy Galion LawEnforcementDegree   Allison Tupps Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Amanda Weir Galion Health Info Tech   Jennifer Wallis Mount Gilead Occupational Therapy Assistant
Kristina Wenninger Galion Electro Mechanical Technician   John Wallis Mount Gilead AA-2 years
Julie Young Grand Rapids Health Information Technician   Danielle Westbrook Mount Gilead Nursing RN
Michael Carman Groveport Medical Laboratory Technology   Heather Williamson Mount Gilead Human and Social Svs
Brian Bils Harpster Electrical Engineering   Mistie Lilley Mount Vernon Nursing RN
Sherri Parker Harrod Health Information Technician   Lindsey Hatfield Mount Victory AS-2 years
Mallory Miller Hilliard Physical Therapist Assistant   Courtney Wilson Mount Victory Criminal Justice
Shelby Millimen Hilliard Occupational Therapy Assistant   Shelby Charlton Nevada Health Info Tech
Hannah Liberti Iberia AA-2 years   Chealsea Erman Nevada Human and Social Services
Briana Wood Irwin Human and Social Svs   Samantha Hampton Nevada AA-2 years
Kevin Titus Kenton Interactive Media   Misty Martin Nevada Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lindsay Uncapher Kenton Health Info Tech   Samuel Plott Nevada AA-2 years
Alissa Beamer Kirby Medical Laboratory Technology   Shon Parks New Bloomington Business Management
Hayden Rees La Rue Mechanical Eng   Jenna Spring New Knoxville Health Info Tech
Steven Richmond La Rue AA-2 years   Brad Ehrman New Washington Physical Therapist Assistant
Jessica James Larue Human and Social Services   Sarah Moll Powell Physical Ther Asst
Kelli Martin LaRue AS-2 years   Abbigail Davis Prospect AA-2 years
Joshua Pemberton LaRue Physical Therapist Assistant   Isaac Dewiel Prospect Electro Mechanical Technician
Vincent Colatruglio Lewis Center Physical Therapist Assistant   Whitney Estep Prospect Nursing RN
Lauren Hillery Lewis Center Occupational Therapy Assistant   Casey Hoffman Prospect Human and Social Svs
Todd Gosselaar Lexington Business Mgt Online   Jillian Stevens Prospect AA-2 years
Kendall Owens Lexington AA-2 years   Ayden Terrill Prospect Business Management
Kelly Pope Lexington Nursing RN   Lindsay Merrin Radnor Sonography
Krista Thompson Lucas Health Information Technician   Makayla Davis Richwood Accounting
Leonard Bradford Mansfield Health Info Tech   Adriene Hoffman Richwood Medical Billing and Coding Certificate
Sarah Jamieson Mansfield Nursing RN   Tracey Monroe Richwood Human and Social Svs
Jeremy Johnson Mansfield AS-2 years   Mallorie Goodridge Ridgeway Health Information Technician
Ellie Logan Mansfield AA-2 years   Rena Gilliam Seaman Health Info Tech
Emily Lovelace Mansfield Health Info Tech   Laureen Bettac Shelby Physical Therapist Assistant
Amy Meenach Mansfield Health Info Tech   Brittany Hall Shelby Physical Therapist Assistant
Ashley Miller Mansfield Occupational Therapy Assistant   Anthony Ott Tiffin Physical Therapist Assistant
Meredith Porterfield Mansfield Health Info Tech   Yajaira Ayala Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Rachel Best Marengo AA-2 years   Daniel Barth Upper Sandusky Business Marketing Management Major
Amy Blacker Marengo Human and Social Svs   Drew Barth Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Carol Brown Marengo Medical Laboratory Technology   Hannah Barth Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Nichole Carter Marengo AA-2 years   Reagan Beekman Upper Sandusky Business Management ASAP
Rebecca Duncan Marengo Health Info Tech   Madison Bianchi Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Adam Elswick Marengo AA-2 years   Pamela Bowen Upper Sandusky Human and Social Services
Molly Morehouse Marengo AA-2 years   Macy Britton Upper Sandusky Radiography
Haley Sears Marengo Sonography   Danielle Brodman Upper Sandusky Nursing RN
Jody Adkins Marion Accounting   Jamie Brown Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Stephanie Alger Marion Business Management   McKenna Caldwell Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Anthony Allen Marion Business Admin MCI   Kaylee Clevenger Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Robert Anderson Marion Basic Business MCI   Cody Clifford Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Farrah Arndt Marion Pharmacy Tech Degree   Cody Collins Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Ann Askin Marion Business Management   Amber Cox Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Paivyn Baldauf Marion AA-2 years   Taylor Dilley Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Wade Bales Marion Basic Business NCCI   Alexandra DuBois Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
James Bard Marion Basic Business MCI   Andy Ealy Upper Sandusky Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Barnett Marion Nursing RN   Seth Frey Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Christopher Below Marion Basic Business NCCI   Cohl Gagnon Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
John Bennett Marion Basic Business MCI   Taylor Graboski Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Morgan Benson Marion AA-2 years   Ellie Greilich Upper Sandusky Accounting
Ryan Bickers Marion Basic Business NCCI   Holly Grove Upper Sandusky Health Info Tech
Andrew Bizet Marion Basic Business NCCI   Shane Hildebrand Upper Sandusky CIT Networking Major
Kelly Boblenz Marion Health Info Tech   Kalene Johnson Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Wade Brining Marion Basic Business NCCI   Troy Jordan Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Jessica Brockman Marion Medical Billing Code   Kevin Kozel Upper Sandusky Radiography
Robert Brown Marion Basic Business NCCI   Doreen Lemmert Upper Sandusky Accounting
Chevelle Butler Marion Sonography   Delaney Lessig Upper Sandusky Health Information Technician
Rick Byrd Marion AS-2 years   Alexander Logsdon Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Ryan Chaffin Marion Nursing RN   Danial Maltsbarger Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Andrew Chambers Marion Basic Business MCI   Krysta Messmer Upper Sandusky Medical Asst Deg
Josh Chaney Marion Electrical Engineer   Abigail Musgrave Upper Sandusky Nursing RN
Jeanette Chappell-Johnson Marion Medical Asst Deg   Wendy Niederkohr Upper Sandusky AS-2 years
Shaina Colby Marion AA-2 years   Lauren Ohl Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Jennifer Coleman Marion AA-2 years   Tylor Pritchard Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Jason Cone Marion Basic Business MCI   Sarah Rall Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Tanna Conley Marion Nursing RN   Nicholas Reid Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Terrance Conley Marion Basic Business NC Camp   Gannon Ritter Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Ryan Correa Marion Business Management   Frederick Scheck Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Christopher Crain Marion Basic Business NCCI   Justeen Searfoss Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Terrance Crockett Marion Basic Business NCCI   Lyndale Slone Upper Sandusky Radiography
Kile Crow Marion AS-2 years   Seth Sprang Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Aaron Dadisman Marion Business Admin NCCI   Keely Stover Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Joshua Dallas Marion Basic Business NCCI   Cheryl Thiel Upper Sandusky Criminal Justice
Cody Daniel Marion Criminal Justice   Mallory Weininger Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Brandy Davis Marion Human and Social Services   Marguerite Wood Upper Sandusky Human and Social Svs
Noah Dean Marion Business Management   Abigail Young Upper Sandusky AA-2 years
Richard Effinger Marion Business Admin MCI   Stephanie Payne Waldo Accounting
James Ellison Marion Basic Business NC Camp   Ethan Wallace Waldo AS-2 years
Richard Elwer Marion CIT Networking Major   Brittany Brentlinger West Mansfield Human and Social Svs
Robert Everetts Marion AA-2 years   Amber Donda Westerville Physical Therapist Assistant
Ahmad Fares Marion Basic Business MCI   Ashley Egbert Westerville Physical Therapist Assistant
Chase Ferguson Marion AA-2 years   Morgan Swank Westerville Nursing RN
Terra Ferriman Marion Human and Social Svs   Abigail Lewallen Wharton AA-2 years
Melissa Fitch Marion Sonography   Brianna Orians Wharton AS-2 years
Samantha Foster Marion AA-2 years            

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