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High School Students save Thousands through College Credit Plus Program –You can, too!

What can the College Credit Plus program save you? For two local high school students, the answer is $8,000 - $85,000!

Samantha Foster graduated with her Associate of Arts degree from MTC this May … before graduating from Pleasant High School in June. She enrolled through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Program (PSEO), now the College Credit Plus Program.

“My brother had done PSEO before me and he encouraged me to take more credits,” Foster recalled. “My senior year, my academic advisor said I had enough credits to graduate from MTC!”

High school students in the program save $170 a credit hour, plus the price of books, supplies, and lab fees.

Foster is starting at Capital University this fall as a junior. With a sticker price of $42,500 a year for tuition, room, and board, Foster saved her parents more than $85,000.

“My parents are excited! I saved them so much money,” Foster enthused. “A lot of people I don’t know have been coming up to tell me congratulations!”

Foster was inspired by the adult students working hard in her classes. She found the professors were very supportive.

“The teachers are all really helpful. At the end, a lot of my classes were online just to help me juggle. If you had a problem, you emailed the teacher and they got right back to you,” Foster remembers.

Foster’s achievement helped her apply to college programs and for scholarship funds. “It proved I was a strong college student,” Foster stated.

The $85,000 in savings will help, as Foster plans to get her doctorate and become a criminal psychologist. “I want to be Reed from ‘Criminal Minds,’” she said, referencing the TV show about the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit.

Fellow Pleasant graduate Marisa Voisard used the program to jump-start her nursing degree. She earned 40 FREE credit hours at Marisa VoisardMTC before she graduated from high school and knocked some key nursing classes out of the way. The nursing program requires 65 credit hours to graduate, so she is more than halfway there!

What did that save Voisard and her family?A whopping $8,000 in college costs.

“My parents are super excited that I saved them so much money!” Marisa Voisard exclaimed.

Voisard is attending MTC full-time this fall. After Marisa becomes a registered nurse, she plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in nursing through the R.N. to B.S.N. transfer program.

“It has been hard, but it was definitely worth it,” Voisard emphasized. “I was attracted to MTC because the nursing program is so well respected.”

MTC helped Voisard find her calling. “I’ve always had a desire to help people. I wanted to see if nursing was right for me. Working at a nursing home was an amazing experience. I loved it!” she exclaimed.

Voisard also appreciated the ratio of just 15 students for each instructor.

“At MTC, I really like the small classes. I feel like it is much more personal with the instructors. I really enjoy it,” Voisard stated. “I absolutely would recommend this to other high school students. I don’t think enough high schoolers take advantage of it, honestly.”

More than 850 area high school students earned free college credit through this program last year. MTC always has room for more!


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