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Interactive Media
Associate of Technical Studies

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The day in the life of Marion County (photos taken by students at Marion Technical College)


Combine creativity with technical skills! Interactive Media is an art and a technology. In MTC’s Interactive Media program, you create, design, and produce interactive multimedia products and services for a wide range of career fields such as business, training, entertainment, communications, and marketing. Traditional art courses, such as design fundamentals and photography, complement the courses in digital design and website development. Students who earn Interactive Media degree work in Audio/Visual, Imaging, Internet Development, Instructional Design, Media Design, Programming, Multimedia Technician, and Web Development.

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A student who earns an Interactive Media Degree from MTC will know how to:

demonstrate a knowledge of, and appreciation for, visual arts develop, design, and maintain Web pages, Web applications, and Web sites

explain computer operating systems, data back-up procedures, and basic networking concepts

evaluate and effectively use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, the Adobe Creative suite, and  other programs related to interactive media

effectively utilize hardware, software, and cameras to create photographs, and video/audio

productions use a software development tool (such as Visual Basic, ASP.NET, or other scripting tools) to develop a software application

demonstrate an understanding of business processes, business project planning, and basic business concepts

evaluate and utilize marketing strategies


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