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Co-Op & Internship Opportunities

Cooperative education is an opportunity for students, employers and educators to partner in providing an enriched and personal educational experience for our community.

Co-ops prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with pre-professional experience in, and proven knowledge of, the degree area.

Students In Co-Ops:

  • Write a resume, experience an interview, accept a position
  • Experience working in your career field
  • Apply classroom learning and skills at the workplace
  • Develop appropriate technical knowledge
  • Work under pressure
  • Produce work that is neat, accurate and contributes to the organization
  • Get to know the ‘lingo of the trade’ and the ‘culture of the company’
  • Confirm career choice, and build your confidence
  • Make contacts in the field through networking opportunities
  • Get college credit

As a result of the Co-Op experience, students will:

  • Develop the competencies and skills needed to be successful in the business and professional community
  • Assess and integrate skills, experience, and learning required in previous coursework and plan for career success
  • Apply skills developed through practice-oriented, educational experiences in a professional setting
  • Contribute to meaningful community and  public service
  • Recognize personal and professional responsibility and an obligation to good citizenship
  • Employers are active in the education of the workforce to target employment needs that are of economic importance to our community

Employer Benefits:

  • Recruit future workforce and develop potential employees
  • Proven, cost-effective means to observe new employees with necessary skills that are a good fit with the company
  • Meet short-term work needs with quality candidates: temporary fulltime, part-time, seasonal positions; one-time special projects, campaigns, or company events
  • Develop entry-level positions in major degree areas continuously filled with qualified MTC students
  • Year-round source of technically skilled pre-professionals
  • Flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term employer commitment
  • New talent in the company to invigorate the workforce
  • Fresh perspective to old problems, new technologies
  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue other projects
  • Diversify the workforce

As a result, your company or organization will:

  • Encourage best practices in your profession
  • Engage in the education of the workforce as it pertains to your business
  • Increase visibility of your organization on campus and in the community
  • Contribute company and organization expertise to the educational expertise in collaborative effort to build a strong workforce for the area
  • Enrich the personal educational experience of individuals within MTC student body and the Marion community
  • Marion Technical College leads partnership agreements with area employers to make MTC the community’s first choice for learning.
  • Explore the possibilities the cooperative Education Experience Program at Marion Technical College has for you!

For more information contact Cheryl Kellogg at 740.389.4636 Ext. 239 or e-mail


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