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Respiratory Therapy
Partnership Program with Rhodes State College

Qualification Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements for all students, the following specific requirements have been established for Respiratory Care applicants:

    American College Test (ACT) composite score of 21 or higher; individual test scores of 20 or higher in mathematics and natural science; 18 or higher in English and social science or other appropriate test scores/developmental coursework.

    A minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) for any previous college course work at the time of selection and matriculation. Must have basic computer skills prior to admission to the program. This can be satisfied through successful completion of the MTC Technology Skills Test.

    Requirements 4 and 5 must be met by the time of enrollment in the first Respiratory Care course. Meeting with MTC’s Dean of Health Technologies. A 16-hour experience with a respiratory care practitioner in a hospital of the applicants choice. Appointments are made by the applicant with the hospitals department. A satisfactory interview with the Respiratory Care program chairman or director of clinical education.

    Requirements 6 and 7 must be met by the time of enrollment in the first Respiratory Care Clinical course. Results of a physical examination including laboratory tests and completion of required immunizations before actual clinical course work can be started.

    The Respiratory Care program also has technical standards for which all students must be capable. These standards specify skills necessary to participate in learning activities and professional practice.

    Successful completion of an American Heart Association, BLS, Health Care Provider, CPR course prior to clinical course work. Must be maintained through to graduation.

    To meet the expanding requirements of our clinical affiliates, students will be required to submit to drug screening prior to enrollment in the first clinical course (RES-140).

    Positive drug screens will result in dismissal from all clinical courses and consequently from the program.  In addition to screening, all students in clinical courses are subject to random and for cause drug screens for the duration of the Respiratory Care program.

    A Limited Permit from the Ohio Respiratory Care Board must be obtained.  This process includes a criminal background check.  The Limited Permit must be maintained throughout to graduation.

Please Note: See your MTC academic advisor for additional course requirements information.



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