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Nursing Learning Outcomes

  • collect and utilize data from the patient and available resources using categories of human functioning assessment

  • format to identify basic health care needs

  • recognize and respect the cultural, spiritual, and ethnic diversity of patients and their families

  • select nursing diagnoses based on analysis of the health pattern data

  • establish goals with the patient, their family and significant others, and members of the health care team consistent with the overall comprehensive plan of care

  • develop an individualized plan of care using established nursing diagnoses and protocols to promote, support, and restore health

  • implement a plan of care according to priority of needs

  • evaluate patient responses to nursing interventions and alter the plan of care as necessary to meet patient needs

  • utilize effective communications techniques to assist patients, families, and significant others in coping with and resolving problems

  • communicate verbally and in writing patient behaviors, responses to nursing interventions, and responses to medical regimen

  • develop and implement individualized teaching plans that include health counseling, discharge planning, and implementation of a therapeutic regimen specific to the patient’s level of development, knowledge, and learning needs

  • prioritize, plan, organize, and implement nursing care for a group of patients

  • collaborate with members of the health care team to provide patient care

  • recognize the need for referral and confer with members of the health care team to promote continuity of care

  • delegate aspects of nursing care to other health care workers

  • commensurate with their educational preparation and experience

  • seek assistance from other members of the health care team when the situation encountered is beyond the student nurse’s knowledge and experience

  • utilize current technology to increase efficiency of management of patient care and resources

  • practice in a cost-effective manner

  • maintain accountability for own patient care practice within the ethical and legal parameters of the nursing profession

  • use information from current literature and other resources to provide safe nursing care

  • use resources for continuous learning and self-development

  • participate as a member of the health care team to maintain and/or improve the quality of patient care

  • use constructive criticism and suggestions for improving nursing practice



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