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History of Nursing

Year Program established: 1971
Current Length of Program: 7 quarters (109 hours)

History – Time Line


Marion County Technical Institute (MCTI) receives approval from Ohio Department of Higher Education.  Classes are held in the Ohio State University Marion Branch. The first Director of Nursing, Helen Volker, resigned after 2 quarters for health reasons.  Program philosophy and curriculum were developed with consultation from nursing specialists from Capital University and Ohio State University (OSU).  Tentative approval was received from Ohio Board of Nursing.


First classes in Nursing, Engineering, Business Administration, and Secretarial Sciences opened.   Fall enrollment is 187.  Nursing enrollment is 30. Marthella McLarnan is hired as 2nd Director of Nursing.  There were 2 fulltime and 4 half-time instructors. Program length was 8 quarters with Peds and Mental Health in summer quarters.


MCTI changed name to Marion Technical College (MTC).  OSU courses are used for Science and humanities in nursing.


2nd Director resigns.  Shirley Gutermuth is hired as Interim Director.  Curriculum: LEGS (Learning Experience Guides for Students), using a small group format, and deemed appropriate for AD nursing.   Nursing program received full accreditation from the Ohio State Board of Nursing Education and Registration in September, just before graduation of the first class. First nursing class graduates 21 students.  Ohio Board of Nursing Exam pass rate was 90%.  (19 pass on first attempt).


Program length was changed to 7 quarters.
Shirley Gutermuth becomes 3rd Director of Nursing.


Program length was changed to 6 quarters. 


MTC Technical Education building opens as 2nd building on OSUM-MTC campus.  Nursing department moves to new building.
General Studies Department is created.  Sciences and humanities are taught in this department, rather than from OSU, as in the past.


MTC’s Nursing program becomes one of only 3 programs in Ohio to receive accreditation from the National League for Nursing.  Full 7-year approval is granted.
State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval for 5 years.


First LPN Transition Course offered.  8 students. 


100% pass rate on first attempt on State Board of Nursing Exam.
State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval granted.


LEGS curriculum format abandoned.  Curriculum revised by faculty using State Board of Nursing guidelines and consultants.
NCLEX becomes examination testing service.


MTC’s nursing class ranked 12th in the state on their RN examination (of 68 schools).
New Student Center facility opens as a joint OSUM-MTC student activities source.
LPN Transition course added. 
NLN granted Continuing Accreditation for 7 years.


State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval for 5 years.


100% pass rate on NCLEX-RN


Janice Hinkle appointed Dean of Nursing upon retirement of Shirley Gutermuth.


Physical Therapy Assistant and Radiography programs were launched under Hinkle’s direction.


State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval for 5 years.
100% pass rate on NCLEX-RN.


Highest number of graduates.  65 students graduated.  100% pass rate on NCLEX-RN.


NLN granted Continuing Accreditation for 7 years.


State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval for 5 years.
Marion Campus Library/Classroom Building is completed. 


Curriculum revision approved by Ohio Board of Nursing.  Program length 7 quarters, with Mental Health nursing in summer between 1st and 2nd year.


Otterbein University offering Masters of Nursing via Distance Learning on the MTC Campus


Carol Hoffman appointed Director of Nursing after retirement of Janice Hinkle.


State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval received for 5 years. 
First Online class offered in nursing.  NU 200, LPN Transition.
MTC ranks first in Ohio in NCLEX-RN pass rate for past 7 years.
Marion General Hospital and Marion Tech enter partnership to fund one FT faculty position and sponsor a Nursing Review Course.


National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.  Onsite visit.  Continuing approval awarded for 8 years. 


New nursing lab enables division of STNA and Nursing labs.  STNA course now offered 4 times per term.  Nursing lab serves 1st and 2nd year students.


Ohio State University offers BSN completion classes on this campus for MTC nursing graduates.  This is the first program in the state OSU has collaborated with.


Nursing department receives 1st grant from the Ohio Board of Nursing to finance one fulltime faculty and two adjunct faculty, enabling an increase of 20 students.


MTC ranks 1st in Ohio NCLEX-RN pass rate for all AD and BSN programs.


State Board of Nursing Onsite Visit.  Full Approval for 5 years

Nursing department receives 2nd NEGP grant from the Ohio Board of Nursing to finance one Clinical Coordinator position and two adjunct faculty, enabling an increase of 18 students.

MTC granted continuing accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Math (Basic Algebra) requirement added to curriculum.  Curriculum hours: 109.

Director position changed to Dean with restructure of Instructional Council.

MTC Announces plan for new Health Building which will house 5 nursing labs, 150-seat auditorium style classroom, and medical sciences programs.  Opening will be Fall of 2010.

MTC equipment fund finances first adult simulator, SimMan 3G

Nursing department receives 3rd NEGP grant from Ohio Board to Nursing to fund an LPN Transition Coordinator position and a second fulltime faculty position.  LPN Transition program increased from 16 to 32 per year.

Admission requirements changed to AGPA of 2.5; ACT composite of 21, or 18 with coursework.

Health Terminology required prior to entrance into first nursing course.

Nursing and Health Building opening changed to May, 2011.

MTC Equipment fund finances second adult simulator, SimMan 3G.

Semester Conversion committees preparing for Fall, 2012.

National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission Inc. onsite visit in February.  Continuing Approval awarded for 8 more years.  Nursing Department receives fourth NEGP Grant from the Ohio Board of Nursing, funding a half-time academic advisor and enabling faculty to provide student tutoring.  A Noelle birthing simulator and a MedDispense system were purchased with the grant funds.  Carol Hoffman retired and Mary McWilliams was appointed the Dean of Nursing.  The long awaited Health Technologies Center opened on September 1 for fall quarter.  An open house was held for all the sponsors and supporters in November.


Started semester terms fall 2012.  State Board of Nursing on-site visit took place in September.  The MTC Nursing Program was approved for 5 years.  Introduction to Pharmacology Dosage and Beginning Algebra courses were made program requirements.  Sociology was dropped as a program requirement and was added as a Program elective.

To receive more detailed information on the Nursing program or a complete copy of the MTC Catalog, please send an e-mail to us.


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