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Nurse Aide Training

Classes start for the fast-track Nurse Aide Training Program

Fall August 24th- Nov 8th

*other options available, call Sandy Allen at 740-389-4636, ext. 243 to learn more!

NUR 1001


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Designed to meet a market need and provide students an opportunity for employment that offers valuable experience.
Nurse Aide NUR1001 (2 credit hours)


NUR1001 - Nurse Aide Training for External Certification

This course follows the guidelines set forth in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 and focuses on long-term care of the elderly population. Content includes an overview of the role of the nursing assistant, communication and interpersonal skills, infection control, safety and emergency procedures, promotion of residents’ independence, protection of and respect for residents’ rights, psychosocial needs and interactions, basic nursing skills, personal care skills, and restorative care skills. Critical thinking situations are an integral part of each class discussion. Completion of this course prepares the student for the State-Tested Nurse Aide [STNA] certification exam.

Students will be required to submit to a criminal background check prior tot the onset of this course. The fee for this background check will be included in the cost of tuition. Individuals with certain felony, misdemeanor, or drug-related arrests may be ineligible for course admission. Disqualifier List.

Course prerequisites

STNA Certification

Completion of the NUR1001 [Nurse Aide Training] course prepares students to take the state examination for nurse aides. Passing the state exam results in the State-Tested Nurse Aide [STNA] certification. Program includes classroom instruction, labs, and clinical [workplace] experience. Marion Technical College is recognized by the State of Ohio as an approved agency for offering nurse aide training classes by meeting all minimum state and federal guidelines.

Attention NUR 1001 Students under the age of 18 years pdf

Any student entering the NUR 1001 course that is under the age of 18 years must have a signed waiver with them to be fingerprinted.  If this applies to you, please click on the link above, print out the form, and bring the signed document with you on the day you are to be fingerprinted.  No minors will be fingerprinted without the properly signed waiver.  BCI or fingerprinting is required prior to entry into the NUR 1001 course.

Admission Standard

  • MTC Application for Admission and nonrefundable applicable fee.
  • Final high school transcript [or GED results] and college transcripts [if applicable].
  • Successful completion of the Basic Skills Assessment [Accuplacer] and Technology Skills Test is required. 
  • Any Foundation Courses  suggested by Accuplacer results are highly recommended. Enrollment is limited Nursing is a regulated profession. 
  • The training, licensure and practice of nursing are subject to federal and state statutes, rule and regulations. 
  • All students entering nursing will be subject to a background check.
  • Students with a criminal record may be ineligible for admission into the nursing program.  The submission of any false information to Marion Technical College shall be cause for immediate dismissal from the nursing program. Students are to remain free of any convictions or drug related arrests while enrolled in the program.  Students are required to notify of Dean of Nursing, within one week of any convictions or drug related arrests.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal.

Projections from the U.S. Department of Labor

More than 1.5 million Nurse Aides were employed in the U.S. in 2004; Ohio accounted for more than 50,000 of those job positions. National labor data projects a more than 27 percent increase in opportunities for Nurse Aides through the year 2014 and a state increase of 18.7 percent through 2012.

Learning Outcomes

NUR 1001 Course costs

NUR 1001 Course Schedule

NOTE: MTC must meet state guidelines for attendance requirements, therefore students ARE REQUIRED to attend all classes and labs. Any missed hours of instruction must be reimbursed by the student at a cost of $25 per hour.

Need more information contact Sandra Allen, Nursing Assistant Program Coordinator, at ext. 4143 or e-mail.


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