Congratulations to Spring Term 2017 Dean’s List Full-Time Students at MTC

June 30, 2017 — Marion, Ohio — Marion Technical College announces that 512 students made the Spring Term Dean’s List. Congratulations to these hard-working students on their success! A total of 199 full-time and part-time students were from Marion. The Dean’s List includes 332 full-time students with at least 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 academic average.

FULL-TIME STUDENTS     Hometown & County


First Name Last Name City County
Bailey Shafer Ashley Adams
Kimberly Potter Ashland Ashland
Roy Keckler Bucyrus Crawford
Joseph Graham Galion Crawford
David Sabo Bucyrus Crawford
Joshua Lazar Bucyrus Crawford
Megan Ervin Galion Crawford
Jenna Yeager Crestline Crawford
Derek Estep Crestline Crawford
Angel Winget Galion Crawford
Megan Holzwart Bucyrus Crawford
Alec Hillman Bucyrus Crawford
Hannah Gulley Bucyrus Crawford
Jennifer Sabo Bucyrus Crawford
Alicia Boles-Vose Galion Crawford
Kaleigh Swalley Bucyrus Crawford
Jade Stuckman Bucyrus Crawford
Tyler Stuckert Bucyrus Crawford
Carla Auck Bucyrus Crawford
Jacqueline Robison Bucyrus Crawford
Alexander Lindman Delaware Delaware
Kayla Burk Lewis Center Delaware
Brandon Ladd-Murfield Delaware Delaware
Garrett Pauley Sunbury Delaware
Alicia Rittenour Delaware Delaware
Calvin Lawson Galena Delaware
Caitlin Newman Delaware Delaware
Bailey Mattis Sunbury Delaware
Taylor Sweet Delaware Delaware
Brandy Bauer Delaware Delaware
Katelin Herron Hilliard Franklin
Brooke Stewart Mount Victory Hardin
Chelsea Sheldrew Mount Victory Hardin
Sierra Grizzle Centerburg Knox
Amy Bialecki Grand Rapids Lucas
Nathan Woodrum Marion Mahoning
Zachary Merchant Marion Marion
Zachary Bond Marion Marion
Blair Roberts Marion Marion
Dale Simpkins Marion Marion
Shurrie Bean Marion Marion
Patricia Phillips Marion Marion
Kathleen Gates Marion Marion
Brandy Beecham Marion Marion
Julie Ryan Prospect Marion
Ashley Hill Marion Marion
Christina Maniaci Marion Marion
Kristen Kelly Marion Marion
Peggy Reed Marion Marion
James Coleman Prospect Marion
Shelby Bayles Marion Marion
Dustin McGinniss Marion Marion
Matthew Hill Marion Marion
Tiffany Watson Marion Marion
Rosella Davis Marion Marion
Seaton Dyer La Rue Marion
Jonathan Patton Caledonia Marion
Jill Sanner Marion Marion
Alex Taha Marion Marion
Jacob Nelson Marion Marion
Mariah Fisher Marion Marion
Allysa Ballenger Morral Marion
Nairobi Teasley Marion Marion
Stormie Jamison Marion Marion
Acacia Crowe Prospect Marion
Sebastian Walker Marion Marion
Hanna Yeoman Marion Marion
Dominique Sheffield Marion Marion
Alvin Meek Marion Marion
Paige Merritt Marion Marion
Zachary Murdock La Rue Marion
Courtney Anderson Marion Marion
Madison Shepherd Marion Marion
Bryce Pytlarz Marion Marion
Erica Gushard Marion Marion
Christopher Baker Marion Marion
Jennafer Kibler Marion Marion
Victoria Standley Marion Marion
Valentina Martin Marion Marion
Cameron Smith Marion Marion
Hayden Craycraft Marion Marion
Jennifer Benson Marion Marion
Colton Jarrell Marion Marion
Kayla Radcliff Marion Marion
Michael Winter Marion Marion
Dustin Orsborne Marion Marion
Rachel Groves Marion Marion
Isaac Zachmann Marion Marion
Jason Joehlin Marion Marion
Anna Schmidt Marion Marion
Logan Hulit Marion Marion
Adrianne Stevens Prospect Marion
Brandon Charley Marion Marion
William Cole Marion Marion
Ashton Terrill Prospect Marion
Eddie Belton Marion Marion
Freya Sexton Marion Marion
John Smith Marion Marion
Justin Watts Marion Marion
Jaspaul Dhesi Marion Marion
Devonte Wheeler Marion Marion
Kevin Creech Marion Marion
Joel Sellers Marion Marion
Justin West Marion Marion
Richard Hrouda Marion Marion
Andrew Beckman Marion Marion
Shawn Carr Marion Marion
Stephanie Reale Marion Marion
Amelia Poorman Marion Marion
Brandy Lee Marion Marion
Daniel Sprow Marion Marion
Andrew Depinet Marion Marion
Louis Timms Marion Marion
Amanda Sivey Marion Marion
Brett Higgins Marion Marion
Mandi Demorest Ashley Marion
Christopher Stemen Marion Marion
Joanne Cavender Marion Marion
Ian Moore Marion Marion
Joseph Marcella Marion Marion
Michael Bailey Marion Marion
John McCoy Marion Marion
Matthew Redmyer Marion Marion
Hannah Westler Caledonia Marion
Angela Wood Larue Marion
Christina McKenzie Marion Marion
Julie Wansik Marion Marion
Jennifer Landon Marion Marion
Patricia Harman Mt Gilead Morrow
Austin Long Mount Gilead Morrow
Jodi Bennett Marengo Morrow
Sierra Mailey Marengo Morrow
Esther Elliott Cardington Morrow
Michael Queener Cardington Morrow
Benjamin Tullos Cardington Morrow
Olivia Longhenry Cardington Morrow
Jay Simon Marengo Morrow
Caleb Dodds Marengo Morrow
Luke Rinehart Cardington Morrow
Sophia Thompson Mount Vernon Morrow
Alexandria DeBord Mt Vernon Morrow
Mckenzie Fuller Mt Gilead Morrow
Kaitlyn Coffee Marengo Morrow
Noah Arrington Mount Gilead Morrow
MaKenna McClure Cardington Morrow
Derek Goodman Cardington Morrow
Andrea Oldham Cardington Morrow
Jennifer Walters Edison Morrow
Christina Smith Cardington Morrow
Jessikah Lechleiter Mount Gilead Morrow
Halie O’Leary Marengo Morrow
Sarina Atwell Cardington Morrow
John Atwell Cardington Morrow
Denise Berberich Mansfield Richland
Madalyn Sloan Mansfield Richland
Quenten Stuckey Bloomville Seneca
Shirley Parrott-Copus Tiffin Seneca
Stephanie Fitch Richwood Union
David Pfarr Richwood Union
Lindsey Hatfield Marysville Union
Justice Nibert Richwood Union
Keryan Sellers Richwood Union
Mason Bischoff Marysville Union
Conor Hoffman Richwood Union
Lydia Nordquist Richwood Union
Andrew Snodgrass Richwood Union
Cody O’Flaherty Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Danielle Lambrite Forest Wyandot
Marissa Walton Harpster Wyandot
Ryan Mewhorter Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Lainie Wright Nevada Wyandot
Joshua Steurer Nevada Wyandot
Micah Miller Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Andrew Hanke Wharton Wyandot
Olivia Allomong Sycamore Wyandot
Ivy Shoemaker Upper Sandusky Wyandot
Jena Baum Sycamore Wyandot
Shelby Craig Carey Wyandot
Dane Jones Upper Sandusky Wyandot