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Veterans' Benefits
USING YOUR G.I. Bill® (Veterans' Benefits)
at Marion Technical College

Marion Technical College is an approved training facility for the use of the G.I. Bill®. 

The general categories of the G.I. Bill® are:

Montgomery G.I. Bill® - Chapter 30 Post 9/11 G.I. Bill® - Chapter 33

Montgomery G.I. Bill® for Reservists - Chapter 1606 Reserve Educational

Assistance Program (REAP) - Chapter 1607 G.I. Bill® for Dependents –

Chapter 35 VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program – Chapter 31 

Visit to determine which benefit will be best for you.  You may have more than 1 option.


Speak with an Admission Counselor and apply for admission to MTC.  You must be seeking an associate degree to use benefits here. Apply on-line at (preferred method).  If using this option, you must also provide a copy of your application to the MTC School Certifying Official (SCO) (Diane Mayne) and a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (received from VA after you apply).  Or you may contact the SCO for the paper Application for Benefits (VA Form 22-1990 for Chapters 30, 33, 1606 and 1607 OR VA Form 22-5490 for Chapter 35).  Complete and return the application with appropriate documentation to Diane (see below): Never used educational benefits?  Attach a copy of the DD214 for Chapter 30 or the Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) for Chapter 1606/1607. Used benefits at another institution or at MTC but changing programs?  Complete VA Form 22-1995 (Chapters 30, 33, and 1606/1607) or VA Form 22-5495 (Chapter 35). Register for classes then submit a copy of the class schedule to the SCO. 


After a student has submitted all documents to the SCO, enrollment will be certified for benefits.  Only courses that are required for the student’s degree program will be certified for benefits.

Class schedules are required for each term that you register.  If this is not provided to the SCO, certification for that term will not be submitted to VA.

If a student drops a class(es) any time during the term, he/she must notify the SCO.  All changes must be reported to VA.  Failure to do so may result in an overpayment to the student.  If a student withdraws from all classes during any academic term, the benefits will be terminated and he/she must contact the SCO to restart the benefits. 

If a student decides to change his/her major, the change must be made with the appropriate Department Secretary along with the SCO to prevent interruption of educational benefits.


After the application and enrollment certification has been submitted to VA, payment to the student (including the book stipend and BAH for Chapter 33) is mailed or direct deposited into the student’s bank account.  Tuition and fees payment for Chapter 33 recipients is made directly to MTC. Students using Chapters 30, 1606 and 1607 must verify attendance with VA at the end of each month.  This can be done by visiting or by calling 1-877-823-2378.

Advance Payment:

New students or students who have been out of school for one or more academic terms may apply for advance payment.  This is available for all G.I. Bill® programs except Chapter 33.

Advance payment allows the student to receive the 1st partial month plus the 1st full month check prior to the start of the term to help pay tuition expenses.  To request advance payment, the student must be planning to take at least 6 credit hours and sign an Advance Payment Request AT LEAST 30 days prior to the tuition/fee deadline.  Advance payment checks are mailed directly to MTC for the student to pick up.

VA Educational Benefit Programs:

The following are informational sections and procedures that must be followed in order to use benefits.  The student MUST declare a major and MUST attend classes.

Remedial Courses – The VA considers all MTC courses of 0990 and below as remedial.  Benefits will only be paid for remedial classes if suggested by the COMPASS test results.

Academics/Grades – A student will be considered in good standing as long as he/she takes only classes required for graduation, successfully completes those classes, and does not repeat a previously passed course.  If a student must be reported to VA for unsatisfactory progress, benefits will be terminated.  The student will then have to reapply for benefits with the SCO.

Reporting Changes – If a student wishes to avoid problems with their benefits, all changes (including name change, address change, change in number of credit hours, withdrawing, and changes in their major) must be reported the SCO.  VA must be informed of such changes ASAP.

Prior Credit – It is required that all previous education whether from previous institution or military be applied to the current curriculum.  It is the student’s responsibility to request transcriptions for evaluation by the MT Veteran Academic Counselor. 

Tuition/Fee Payment – Students receiving VA benefits are expected to pay tuition/fees by the deadline set by MTC each term whether benefits have arrived or not.  Alternative arrangements can be made for those students using Chapter 33.  Contact the SCO for details. Military Activation: A student who is called to active duty must: Submit a copy of the official orders for deployment to the SCO. Complete and submit a DROP/ADD Form (obtained from the Office of Student Records) to the SCO. If you are unable to do this in person, contact the SCO for other options. Frequently Asked Questions:

Tiny SpiralWhen should I apply for my benefits?

You should apply for benefits as soon as possible.  However, certification of enrollment will not be sent to VA until after you have registered for classes at MTC.

Tiny SpiralHow much money will I receive for my G.I. Bill®?

The benefits vary depending on the type and how many credit hours for which you enroll. Visit the VA website for more detailed information at

Tiny SpiralCan I receive regular financial aid while receiving VA benefits? 

Yes, as long as you apply and are deemed eligible.  Other forms of financial aid include grants, scholarships and loans.

Tiny SpiralWhat should I do if I don’t receive my benefit check? 

Contact the DVA at 1(888) 442-4451 to find out if the check has been mailed or deposited. If not, ask for details.  If there is a school related problem, contact the SCO.

Tiny SpiralIf I withdraw from school while collecting VA and then return 2 terms later, will I automatically begin receiving my benefits again? 

No.  You must contact the SCO to be recertified.

Addresses and Telephone Numbers:

Department of Veterans Affairs PO Box 4616 Buffalo, NY  14240  (888) 442-4551

Diane Mayne School Certifying Official 1467 Mt. Vernon Ave. Marion, Ohio 43302 (740) 389-4636 ext. 4118

VA Verification of School Attendance (877) 823-2378


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