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Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from one or more regularly scheduled credit courses prior to the academic term’s census date shall receive a 100% refund of his or her tuition. There will be no refund of tuition for courses dropped after the census date. Please refer to for each academic term's census date.

The refund for a flexibly scheduled course shall be 100 % if the student withdraws from the course before the first class meeting.  No refund shall be issued if a student withdraws after the first class meeting.

Tuition and fees shall be returned to the source from which they came within 30 days of the date of official course withdrawal. The official date of withdrawal from a course (or courses) is determined by the date the drop/add form is received by the Office of Student Records or evening receptionist. The postmark or fax date shall be used to determine the official withdrawal date for forms received by mail or fax.

Fees paid for courses canceled by the College or paid under mistake of law or fact will be refunded in full.

Students dismissed or withdrawing at the insistence of the College are not entitled to any refund of tuition and fees.


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