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Engineering Technologies Programs


Students who would like to go on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology or Engineering should replace Applied Technical Math I and Applied Technical Math II in their Associate’s degree program with a minimum of 10 credit hours of College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I or Calculus II to maximize credit transferability toward the Bachelor’s degree.  Likewise, Applied Physics I and Applied Physics II should be replaced in your Associate’s degree program with a minimum of 10 hours of Physics Mechanics and Physics: Mechanics Lab, Physics: Matter & Waves and Physics: Matter & Waves Lab, Physics: Electricity and Magnetism and Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Lab, or a calculus based physics sequence offered at many four year universities.

Even though only 10 hours of math and 10 hours of physics are required in our Associate’s degree programs, you should complete the entire math and physics sequences for maximum transferability.  The actual courses you will need will depend upon the university and the program into which you will be transferring.

In addition to your Associate’s degree, you may also want to complete Marion Technical College’s Transfer Module, which is comprised of general education courses that apply toward the Bachelor’s degree.   Some of the courses would have already been completed by completing your Associate’s degree.

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