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Engineering Technologies Programs
Engineering vs. Engineering Technologies

We are often asked how an Engineering Technology degree differs from an Engineering degree.  Very basically, an Engineering Technology degree, even a 4-year one, focuses on applied engineering skills while an Engineering degree focuses on conceptual engineering skills.  See an advisor for more information.

The following descriptions are paraphrased from the brochure Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Which Path Will You Take, published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

An engineer is an innovator – one who is able to interweave knowledge of advanced mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences, and engineering principles and practices with considerations of economic, social, environmental and ethical issues to create new systems and products.   

An engineering technologist is a doer or implementer – one who is able to apply a basic knowledge of mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences, current engineering practices and an understanding of economic principles to the solution of design problems and to the operation or testing of engineering and manufacturing systems.



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