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Electrical Engineering Technology
Associate of Applied Science

It is nearly impossible to go through a typical day without interacting with modern applications of Electrical Engineering. Whether it's home computers, communications equipment, or your favorite mode of transportation, electrical components and control systems help us manage how we work, play, and live.

MTC’s Electrical Engineering associate degree is designed to meet electrical control technician needs in the industrial manufacturing industry. Electrical engineering technicians enjoy a dynamic career coupling science and technology with practical thinking and problem solving.

Graduates of the electrical engineering program at MTC will also have strong team skills to work effectively with others, critical writing abilities, and project estimating and costing skills. All Engineering Technologies programs at MTC foster strong communications skills and emphasis on college-level algebra and trigonometry to create graduates with superior problem solving abilities and ‘‘ team player’’ attitudes.

A graduate of MTC’s Electrical Engineering Technology will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • analyze, interpret and troubleshoot DC and AC electric circuits

  • develop and interpret electrical diagrams for installation and troubleshooting

  • select and use various electrical tools and instruments such as the digital multimeter, oscilloscope and function generator

  • develop and interpret technical specifications used in designs and acceptance tests for electrical applications

  • prepare electrical schematics using manual and computer assisted  drafting software

  • select, install and troubleshoot various DC and AC motors used for various applications in industry

  • construct, analyze, and troubleshoot power and control circuits

  • identify and explain the operation of the basic components in an electric power distribution system

  • program, interface and troubleshoot systems controlled by programmable logic controllers

  • program, operate and troubleshoot legacy programmable controllers that are still in use

  • program, operate and troubleshoot industrial robots

  • follow required electrical and environmental safety procedures

  • practice the 5S approach for visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization

  • work both independently and as an integral part of a technical team

  • produce concise correspondence, reports, instructions, and proposals that will be effective in a technical work setting

  • independently maintain and improve upon both technical skill level and knowledge of current technology

  • communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, and co-workers

Career Opportunities:

  • Associate Engineer

  • Maintenance Technician

  • Field Representative

  • Systems Designer

  • Testing Technician

Program Admission:

To apply for acceptance into the Electrical Engineering Technology at MTC, applicants must have:

  1. Final high school transcript (or GED results) and college transcripts (if applicable).

  2. Successful completion of the Basic Skills Assessment (Accuplacer) and Technology Skills Test is required.  Any College Foundation courses recommended by Accuplacer results are also required.

  3. Accuplacer math score of 41 or above required to take the first algebra course in the engineering program

Transfer students to MTC must qualify in accordance with current admission criteria.

If required, Foundation Courses are available to help you meet any specialized program admission requirements.


Cooperative Education (or Co-op) is a learning experience that integrates academic skills with workplace experience.  Students in Engineering Technologies can earn college credit, make valuable professional contacts, and link their classroom studies to real-world workplace challenges.  See the department dean or academic advisor for details.

To receive more detailed information please send an e-mail the Office of Admission at




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