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Electric Power Utilities Technology

The MTC electrical lineworker program is Central Ohio Lineworker Training or better known as the COLT Program of MTC. Our courses run as non-traditional flex courses, and you can find out all about us at where we discuss who we are and give info about our programs and various offerings.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers, also called line erectors or “power linemen” or “power lineworkers”, install and maintain the networks of power lines that go from generating plants to the customer.  They erect utility poles and towers, or dig trenches, to carry the wires and cables.  They connect wiring to houses and check the connections for proper voltage readings.  Line erectors also may install and replace transformers, circuit interrupters, switches, power-line fuses, and other equipment to control and direct the electrical current.

Two-year full-time degree schedule; mixture of core technical courses along with basic mathematics, science, and communications classes; program can be completed on a part-time basis.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Follow required safety procedures.
  • Ascend and descend wooden poles using traditional and/or non-traditional pole climbing equipment.
  • Perform pole-top rescue, bucket rescue and First Aid/CPR.
  • Demonstrate proper transformer fusing, conductor sizing, and troubleshooting using basic electrical principles.
  • Inspect, setup and operate digger derricks and bucket trucks.
  • Install and replace wooden poles, transformers, metering, capacitors, regulators, circuit interrupters, and switches.
  • Install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair overhead distribution power systems.
  • Install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair underground distribution power systems.
  • Operate and interpret digital controls for apparatus and substations.
  • Practice the 5S approach for visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.
  • Work both independently and as an integral part of a line crew.
  • Produce concise correspondence, reports, instructions, and proposals that will be effective in a technical work setting.
  • Independently maintain and improve upon both technical skill level and knowledge of current technology.
  • Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, and co-workers.

Program Skills:

Graduates will be able to:

  • Power Distribution Lineworker
  • Electric Utility Groundman
  • Engineering Technician
  • Line Foreman/Supervisor

Career Opportunities:

In 2006, approximately 113,000 individuals worked in the U.S. as utility lineworkers, maintenance specialists, and repair technicians. National labor data projects a modest growth trend [no more than 8 percent] in this field through the year 2014.

Program Admission:

To apply for acceptance into the Electric Power Utilities Technology at MTC, applicants must have:

  1. MTC Application for Admission and nonrefundable applicable fee.
  2. Final high school transcript (or GED results) and college transcripts (if applicable).
  3. Successful completion of the Basic Skills Assessment (COMPASS) and Technology Skills Test is required.  Any College Foundation courses recommended by COMPASS results are also required.
  4. Meet with the Director of Lineman Training for approval.


Available Certifications include, First Aid/CPR/AED, Wood Pole Climbing, Pole Top Rescue/Bucket rescue and Class A CDL.

To receive more detailed information on the Electric Power Utilities Technology or a complete copy of the MTC Catalog, please send an to the Office of Admission at




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