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Engineering Technologies Programs

Alternative Energy Technology

Alternative Energy Technicians assist in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of alternative energy systems. Utilizing the appropriate electrical and mechanical courses from other degree programs, plus the addition of specialized courses, this program focuses on both solar and wind technologies. Courses range from a global introduction to alternative energy systems to the installation of wind turbines and solar panels. The Alternative Energy technician will have the skills and abilities to play key roles in nearly every phase of renewable energy solutions.

This particular training option is referred to as an Associate of Technical Study degree, or ATS. ATS plans are created when a student has a unique employment objective that isn’t a ‘‘perfect match’’ for an existing MTC academic program. ATS programs combine courses and training from two or more programs to meet students’ specific needs.

Alternative Energy Technology is an established amalgam of engineering, business, and IT training. Established ATS programs are called OPTION I. Students requiring a truly unique career pathway may choose to develop an OPTION II program. This option requires a separate application and meeting with your advisor and/or appropriate academic personnel. Guidelines and a worksheet for selecting your courses, and an application form for the program, are available from the Office of Admission.


  • Associate Alternative Energy Engineer
  • Field Representative
  • Installation Technician
  • System monitoring Technician
  • Energy Audit Technician

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with fossil fuel energy and alternative energy sources.
  • Properly utilize terminology associated with wind and solar energy.
  • Calculate the pay-back time of the wind and solar systems based on the measurement of the energy consumption and generation.
  • Identify typical wind turbine components.
  • Identify electrical, electronic, and mechanical device components and their functions used with solar and wind energy systems.
  • Conduct site assessments for the optimal placement of wind turbines and solar panels.
  • Install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot wind and solar energy systems.
  • Select appropriate methods of connecting the wind and solar systems to the power grid.
  • Discuss the advantages of utilizing SCADA hardware and software in wind and solar systems.
  • Utilize a programmable logic controller in wind turbine control.
  • Follow required electrical, mechanical, and environmental safety procedures.
  • Practice the 5S approach for visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.
  • Work both independently and as an integral part of a technical team.
  • Produce concise correspondence, reports, instructions, and proposals that will be effective in a technical work setting.
  • Independently maintain and improve upon both technical skill level and knowledge of current technology.
  • Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, and co-workers.

Program Admission:

To apply for acceptance into the Alternative Energy Technology ATS program at MTC, applicants must have:

  1.      MTC Application for Admission and nonrefundable applicable fee.
    2.  Final high school transcript (or GED results) and college transcripts (if applicable).
    3.  Successful completion of the Basic Skills Assessment (COMPASS) and Technology Skills Test is required.  Any College Foundation courses recommended by COMPASS results are also required.
    4.  COMPASS math score of 41 or above required to take the first algebra course in the engineering program

Transfer students to MTC must qualify in accordance with current admission criteria.

If required, Foundation Courses are available to help you meet any specialized program admission requirements.


Cooperative Education (or Co-op) is a learning experience that integrates academic skills with workplace experience.  Students in Engineering Technologies can earn college credit, make valuable professional contacts, and link their classroom studies to real-world workplace challenges.  See the department dean or academic advisor for details.

To receive more detailed information please send an e-mail the Office of Admission at




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