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Welcome Adjunct Faculty

Those who teach on a part-time basis are called adjunct faculty at most colleges. The word adjunct means something that is added to another thing but not essentially a part of it. This definition is incompatible with Marion Technical College’s view.

At Marion Technical College, part-time faculty are an essential part of teaching and learning. For this reason, we use the term “Adjunct Faculty” to describe those professionals who teach on a quarterly, part-time basis. More precious than a mere add-on, the Adjunct Faculty build bridges between the community and the classroom so that students can build bridges between their textbooks and the real world. Full-time and Adjunct Faculty together provide service at the very heart of the institution – in the classroom, laboratory, clinic, online and more. And together they comprise one of the finest two-year college faculty in Ohio.

You are a valued member of our College and the community. On behalf of all the faculty and staff, we thank you for sharing the real world with students. We truly hope that your teaching experience contribute to your personal and professional growth as much as they contribute to your students. Please never hesitate to let us know how we may help you now or in the future.

Marion Technical College provides equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, military status, or sexual orientation.


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