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Revision of policy #304 Approved 9-18-01 (Previously #352)
POLICY:   #304
APPROVED:  November 19, 2002

TITLE:  MTC Instructional Benefits


  1. The College encourages further education for all its employees, employee family members, Board of Trustees, and Trustee family members.

  2. The College shall provide a 100% remission of MTC tuition and lab fees for the first eight (8) credit hours or continuing education units (or any combination thereof) of enrollment per term for each employee (including full- and part-time faculty, administrative staff, and support staff employees), employee family member, Trustee, and Trustee family member. 

  3. Adjunct Faculty members who are teaching during a given term are eligible for a remission of tuition and fees for four (4) credit hours or CEUs (or any combination thereof) during that same term.  Adjunct Faculty family members are not eligible for benefits under this policy.

  4. The College shall provide a remission of the following special fees as listed in the College Bulletin:  Late Registration, Credit-by-Examination, Life Experience Credit, and Transcript Fees for the employee, employee family member(s), Adjunct Faculty, Trustee, and Trustee family member(s).

  5. An “employee family member” or “Trustee family member” is defined as the employee’s or Trustee’s spouse and any children up to age 24 who live in the employee’s or Trustee’s residence.

  6. An employee’s classes must be taken outside of his or her regularly scheduled work hours unless approved by the employee’s supervisor and area vice president.

  7. With the approval of the immediate supervisor and area vice president, an employee may enroll in a maximum of six (6) credit hours or the equivalent in CEUs (or any combination thereof) during his or her regularly scheduled work hours during the academic year (summer, fall, winter, and spring quarters).  These instructional benefits are non-cumulative and will be awarded at the beginning of each summer term.

  8. Approval to take classes during work hours shall be granted on a first come/first served basis and is contingent upon area staffing needs.

  9. All time spent in classes during the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours must be repaid to the College within the week it occurs.  Vacation, personal/emergency, or compensatory time may be used to cover class time and must be reflected as such on a leave request form or, for hourly employees, a time sheet.

  10. Classes required by the College of an employee for the express purpose of skill improvement will not be charged against the employee’s six (6) credit hours limit and may be taken during the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours without having to be repaid.

  11. The employee, employee family member, Trustee, or Trustee family member is responsible for purchasing textbooks for any class in which he or she enrolls.



  1. The employee, employee family member, or Trustee, or Trustee family member shall apply for admission to the College according to regular admission procedures (Policy #790).  The admission application fee shall be waived.

  2. The employee or trustee will complete and sign an MTC Instructional Benefits Request Form, verifying his/her dependent meets the criteria of Policy #352.

  3. Upon registration, the Business Office shall verify the student’s eligibility by collecting the Request Form and charge the appropriate department for the amount of the benefit and collect any remaining fees due from the student.

  4. Applicants receiving aid under any educational grant/aid program will be eligible only for the amount of fees not paid by that program.  Marion Technical College reserves the right to require the applicant to apply for aid.




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