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Reviewed by Attorney General Office May 2004
Revision of #146 Approved 4-18-00 (Previously #924)
POLICY:  #146
APPROVED:  June 15, 2004

TITLE:  Use of MTC Electronic Media & Services

(A) Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Marion Technical College’s (MTC) electronic communication, telecommunication and computing resources may be used for purposes related to the instructional and administrative mission of MTC. 

  2. Electronic media and services include, but are not limited to; computers, computer software and applications, networks, e-mail, telephones, voice mail, fax machines, external electronic bulletin boards, online services, intranet, Internet and the World Wide Web.  This policy applies to all users of MTC electronic media and services, whether affiliated with the College or not, and whether on campus or from a remote location.

  3. MTC reserves the right to limit, restrict, or extend access and usage privileges to these College resources.  Electronic documents and data are subject to the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).   All users are required to comply with all applicable College policies, including, but not limited to, FERPA, sexual harassment, copyright, privacy, and licensing regulations. Any activity that violates local, state, or federal law and/or College policy constitutes a violation of this policy.

  4. MTC’s policies against sexual and other harassment apply fully to these media and services, including use of e-mail and the Internet.  Therefore, except for curriculum-prescribed research, no e-mail messages shall be created, sent or solicited, and no Internet sites shall be accessed if such action would constitute a violation of these policies.  Additionally, the Internet and e-mail system shall not be used for any form of gambling.

  5. Users should not send information that does not correctly identify the sender.  Further, users should not disguise or attempt to disguise their identity or the identity of the part of the electronic system they are using unless this activity is being performed as a part of legitimate coursework and with the knowledge of the college administration.

  6. Incidental and occasional use of these resources for personal purposes is subject to all aspects of College policies including provisions relating to monitoring and access.  Personal use shall not impede the ability of the user or other users to fulfill their job responsibilities nor shall it adversely impact access to or use of these resources for College purposes.  Users should not use these resources for any activity that constitutes a conflict of interest with the College or to conduct any portion of a personal commercial business.  Normal supervisory procedures may impose further limits upon personal use.

(B) Privacy

  1. Not withstanding the College’s right to retrieve and monitor information on the system, electronic files and documents should be treated as confidential by other users and accessed only by the intended recipients and users.  Users are not authorized to retrieve, read, alter, or delete electronic files or documents intended for other recipients or users, except as authorized by MTC management.

  2. Though MTC utilizes numerous methods to prevent unauthorized access to systems and private files, users of these resources should have no expectation of privacy.  Information can be revealed by malfunctions, by hackers, through normal operational procedures, and by other means.  Confidentiality cannot be assumed even when passwords or other security measures are used. 

  3. MTC’s electronic systems are designed and maintained exclusively for the benefit of the College, and the College administration reserves the right at any time and without notice to monitor, access, or review any data that is either stored or transmitted. When such monitoring is performed on an employee of the college, the employee’s immediate supervisor or the Director of Human Resources must be informed of this activity. 

  4. Access eligibility expires upon termination of employment.  Hardware and software resources owned by the College and approved for use on personal equipment must be removed and returned when employment with the College ends.  All documents and records stored on College media are property of MTC.  Authority to access the documents and records of a terminated employee will be assumed by his/her supervisor. 

  5. Any user who discovers misuse of College electronic media or services (including e-mail or Internet) should contact his/her supervisor or the Director of Human Resources.

  6. This policy may be modified at the discretion of the College.  All users are bound by the terms and conditions of this policy and all future modifications and amendments.  The reading and signing of MTC’s User Agreement in conjunction with the use of MTC’s electronic media or services constitutes acceptance of these stipulations.

(C) Enforcement

  1. Users who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination, and/or civil or criminal liability.

  2. Violations will be handled through the College disciplinary procedures applicable to the user.

  3. MTC may temporarily suspend or block a user’s access to electronic and/or computing resources prior to the initiation or completion of disciplinary procedures when the integrity, security, or functionality of the College or computing resources is at risk or to protect the College from liability.

  4. MTC may refer suspected violations of applicable law to appropriate law enforcement agencies. 

  5. An individual desiring to challenge charges of violation or disciplinary action must follow the applicable College grievance procedure. 

AUTHOR:  A. Phillips


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