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MTC Vision and Mission Statements

(Approved by Board of Trustees on April 15, 2003)

MTC Vision Statement:

As the center for higher education, Marion Technical College will be the community’s first choice for learning.

MTC Mission Statement:

To provide an enriched and personal educational experience for our community.


MTC believes in the ‘‘power’’ of people and each individual’s dignity and self-worth. The College focuses resources to create an environment of quality and support to assist students in attaining their highest accomplishments. Likewise, MTC provides a challenging workplace that hones individual skills, fosters teamwork, and supports both professional and personal development.

MTC emphasizes ‘‘real-world’’ learning, applying practical theory and laboratory experiences directly to workplace settings. MTC views education as a lifelong continuum. The College acknowledges learners’ past experiences, capitalizes on current employment needs and training trends, and looks to the future needs of prospective students, alumni, and the community.

MTC embraces innovative thinking and technological advancements that allow for greater access to education. Innovation allows the College to better engage the non-traditional learner, explore more efficient ways to use resources, and stay in tune with program development and labor trends. Without innovation, MTC cannot lead its students into a successful future.

MTC recognizes the importance of diversity. With the growth of global culture the College actively pursues students, employees, and collaborators with varied backgrounds. MTC classrooms are composed of students with varying viewpoints, perceptions, and experiences to strengthen the College’s real-world approach to learning.

MTC believes that its actions and reactions not only reflect its mission and goals, but are tempered with the basic principles of honesty, respect, professionalism, fairness, candor, and ethical behavior. College practices are consistent with institutional policies, and employees conduct themselves as extensions of the College.

MTC thrives on a multi-level sense of community. Advisory boards comprised of interested community representatives shape curriculum content. Many of the College’s most significant programming advancements stem from collaborative partnerships with area businesses and organizations and agreements with other colleges and universities. Each day, the College shares and strengthens a ‘‘family’’ bond with employees, and shepherds students into the ‘‘communities’’ of higher learning and the workplace.


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