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MTC PSEO Enrollment Procedures

Registration/Attendance Requirements:

  1. MTC reserves the right to limit the number and type of courses based on content appropriate for high school students, especially those entering their freshman and sophomore years.
  2. All Early College students should meet with a College Academic Advisor and/or Admission Counselor prior to selecting and registering for courses.
  3. Early College are subject to the same policies, procedures, academic practices, grading standards and code of conduct as all other MTC students.
  4. The student will attend classes on dates and times listed on his/her course schedule and participate in the same manner as other students.

Students must be qualified and admitted to Early College prior to beginning this process;

  1. Prior to scheduling classes, on-campus Early College students complete the COMPASS basic skills assessment and the Technology Skills Test (TST) in the Student Resource Center (no cost). Note. If you have ACT scores, they may be substituted for COMPASS.
  2. Scheduling an appointment with an advisor to select MTC classes is the next step for enrollment.
  3. PSEO Option A or Concurrent Enrollment: (Available any term including Summer): High school students admitted under "PSEO Option A" must pay their tuition and fees by the payment deadline published each term. (MTC offers a one-time $150 concurrent grant to assist with student costs for one term.)
  4. PSEO Option B (Available Fall, Winter and Spring only): Qualified and admitted high school students under PSEO Option B are designated externally sponsored students, in which tuition and required books/supplies are considered "paid in full" by state funding. Registration must be completed each term in order to activate these benefits.

Withdrawal or change of status:

Once registered, Early College students who decide not to attend before the first class session, discontinue their attendance, or "drop" one or more courses, are responsible to complete the official "withdraw or add/drop" form to have their course(s) registration cancelled.

Textbooks and required supplies:

Currently enrolled PSEO Option B students must return their textbooks/required supplies to the Marion Campus Bookstore after their last final exam. Option B students enrolled in courses on-campus must obtain their required textbooks and supplies using "bookstore credit" during specific designated dates each term Students must bring an official copy of their schedule of classes to the Marion Campus bookstore.


First term on-campus Early College students will attend new student orientation. New students will receive a campus tour, MTC student ID cards and other important information to begin college successfully. Check the calendar for the start of the term.

Academic Requirements for Returning Early College Students:

Returning Early College students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 overall college GPA and maintain good academic standing at their high school. Students are also expected to follow the "MTC student code of conduct". High school students should complete and submit a new MTC "PESO Participation Form" and submit a new transcript if they plan to continue in Early College at MTC the following year.

Students planning to continue after at MTC after HS graduation should inform MTC of the plans.

Early College at Your High School:

The process of enrolling in Marion Technical College Early College classes at high school sites may vary. Contact your Guidance Counselor or the MTC Office of Admission if you have questions.

NOTE: Regardless of where the courses are offered, MTC Early College students are eligible for all of the same rights and privileges, however, some of these services may only be available on-campus (i.e.: tutoring).

For more information, contact the Office of Admission by calling (740) 389-4636, or send e-mail to


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