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High School Credit Articulation Program

What is articulated credit?

Articulated credit allows high school students to receive college credit for learning they achieved in technical courses in high school. Articulation credit may be granted if a student has learned at least 80% of required course competencies in an MTC course. Articulation eliminates duplication of high school courses at the college level.

What is the cost for articulated credit?

Articulated credit is free! Students may receive up to 14 credit hours of articulated credit from learning in high school. This saves the student time and money the student would have paid for college tuition and fees.

What kinds of courses count toward articulated credit?

Several technical skill courses taught in high school are eligible provide students the opportunity to earn articulated credit. Generally, basic courses that apply toward technical degrees/certificates are eligible for articulated credit. Examples include computer information, business technology, criminal justice, and accounting.

What is an articulation agreement?

An articulation agreement indicates that the skills and competencies students learn in courses taught in a high school or career center are at least 80% equivalent to course competencies required in the MTC course. This ensures students are learning the core objectives of the course and will be successful in subsequent courses. MTC policy allows students to earn up to 14 hours of articulated credit.

Do students have to attend MTC to receive the credit?

Yes, students who enroll at MTC within one year of high school graduation may be eligible to receive articulated credit from high school course(s).

What do I need to do to receive articulated credit?

If you have earned a grade of 'B' or better in a high school course that is comparable to any of the following technical course listed below, you may apply for articulated credit.

Business English Information Technology Essentials /A+
Business Mathematics Intro to Private Security
Defensive Tactics PowerPoint
Computer Basics Web Page Authoring I
CPR & First Aid  

Procedures to apply: Click on the appropriate form (above or to the right), fill out the information and obtain a signature of approval from your high school guidance counselor. You can fax the information to 740-389-4076 or email the completed form to

IMPORTANT NOTE: This should be completed during the MTC admission process, prior to students enrolling in MTC courses. This enables a student to enroll in higher level courses rather than repeating coursework they may have completed in high school.


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