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The following classes will be moved for the remainder of the term.

  • FROM BR114 TO BR117 – PTA1105.01
  • FROM BR114 TO BR117 – PTA1105.02
  • FROM BR114 TO LC120-B – SCI1200.21
  • FROM BR114 TO LC120-B – SCI1200.22
  • FROM BR114 TO LC120-B – SCI1250.21
  • FROM BR114 TO LC120-B – SCI1250.22

The following cllasses have moved to LC121 for the remainder of the term:

  • MTH 940.01
  • MTH1240.01
  • MTH0910.01
  • MTH0940.03
  • MTH1240.21
  • MTH0945.01
  • MTH1245.01
  • MTH0930.03
  • MTH1230.03


Spring Exam Schedule

Class Schedules

Some online sections may require students to take the exams in person at a proctored site, either on campus or at another agreed-upon site convenient for the student and approved by the instructor. Please contact your advisor for more information.

Fee Sheets