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Supply Chain/Logistics Option
Associate of Applied Business


A critical part of the business world is the process of moving raw materials from suppliers to manufacturers and then on to warehouses, retailers, and customers. Without appropriate planning, factories may be without materials needed to make goods and meet manufacturing deadlines. Students who select the Supply Chain/Logistics option within MTC’s Associate of Applied Business (AAB) Business Management program will develop knowledge and skills to master logistics, import/export, and customer service. Graduates with knowledge in this growing field are needed to keep a variety of businesses -  from health care to manufacturing to retail to agribusiness to government – supplied with the goods they need to succeed. As supply chain is a dynamic part of any business environment, MTC in partnership with Lorain County Community College’s curriculum reflects the latest trends for local and regional employers. Supply chain business students will learn how to plan logistics, find raw supplies, and work with internal and external customers, suppliers and partners to ensure business timelines and goals are met.

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Earning a degree demonstrates a higher level of knowledge! Earning an associate degree in business management will make you a more effective employee. The courses in Information Technology, Math, Communications, Economics, International Business, Accounting, Project Management, and Logistics will teach you how to be a good manager and how to work and communicate effectively with co-workers and customers.

Students who earn an Associate Degree in Supply Chain /Logistics will know how to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the issues and environmental factors involved in making business decisions.

  • Apply administrative skills to effectively organize work, manage time, and set priorities.

  • Effectively use interpersonal skills to communicate and work with a diverse group of people.

  • Use appropriate computer software to solve business problems and to create documents that enhance effective communications.

  • Use the problem-solving method to solve ethical dilemmas, customer concerns, and business problems.

  • Use technology to develop and effectively communicate information related to a project or marketing plan.

  • Understand the basic principles that underlie how people interact in today's economic world.

  • Recognize the integration of activities that procure materials, transform them into intermediate goods and final products, and deliver them to external customers.

  • Comprehend challenges related to transportation, insurance, packaging, terms of trade, inventory management, and other cross border issues involved in an international setting.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of industrial logistics in the Supply Chain.

Admission Standard

  1. MTC Application for Admission and nonrefundable applicable fee.

  2. High school transcript (or GED results) and college transcripts (if applicable).

  3. Successful completion of the Basic Skills Assessment ACT or Accuplacer and Technology Skills Test (TST) is required. Students also have the option to complete College Foundation courses.


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