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Marketing Management Major
Associate of Applied Business


The best product is no good if no one knows about it.

Of course, products and services have to be high quality. But quality is not enough: products and services have to be properly marketed for sales to occur. With no sales, there is no revenue, and with no revenue, an organization quickly disappears.

You can learn the art and science of marketing with a Marketing Degree from Marion Technical College. MTC Marketing graduates are working as assistant buyers, advertising reps, market research analysts, web designers, public relations specialists, and in a number of other exciting careers.

MTC offers two ways for you to earn a Marketing Management degree. In the traditional option, you attend classes several days a week (either days, evenings, or a combination) for a two year period; courses are presented in a face-to-face setting. You can also apply to earn a Marketing Management degree through our Business Management Online program that allows you to take coursework in an online setting.

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Earning a degree demonstrates a higher level of knowledge! Earning an associate degree in business management will make you a more effective employee. The courses in Information Technology, Math, Communications, Economics, International Business, Accounting, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Psychology, Public Relations, and Entrepreneurship will teach you how to be a good manager and how to work and communicate effectively with co-workers and customers.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Account Representative

  • Assistant Buyer

  • Customer Service Supervisor

  • Market Research Assistant

  • Management Trainee

  • Marketing Supervisor

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Advertising Coordinator

  • Events/Promotion Coordinator

  • Sales Manager

  • Web Designer

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Students who earn an Associate Degree in Marketing Management will know how to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the issues and environmental factors involved in making marketing decisions.

  • Apply administrative skills to effectively organize work, manage time, and set priorities.

  • Effectively use interpersonal skills to communicate and work with a diverse group of people.

  • Use appropriate computer software to solve business problems and to create documents that enhance effective communications.

  • Use the problem-solving method to solve ethical dilemmas, customer concerns, and business problems.

  • Use technology to develop and effectively communicate information related to a project or marketing plan.

  • Develop a marketing plan incorporating new product ideas and strategies.

  • Utilize the steps in the sales process to prepare an effective sales presentation.

  • Develop a public relations plan.

  • Using real-world situations conduct market research and incorporate the information into the development of marketing strategies, including ‘‘what-if ’’ analyses.

  • Leverage social media to promote and enhance organizational, employer and product brands.


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