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Co-Op & Internship Opportunities

Cooperative education is an opportunity for students, employers and educators to partner in providing an enriched and personal educational experience for our community.

Co-ops prepare our graduates to enter the workforce with pre-professional experience in, and proven knowledge of, the degree area.

Students In Co-Ops:

  • Write a resume, experience an interview, accept a position

  • Experience working in your career field

  • Apply classroom learning and skills at the workplace

  • Develop appropriate technical knowledge

  • Work under pressure

  • Produce work that is neat, accurate and contributes to the organization

  • Get to know the ‘lingo of the trade’ and the ‘culture of the company’

  • Confirm career choice, and build your confidence

  • Make contacts in the field through networking opportunities

  • Get college credit

CoOp Class

As a result of the Co-Op experience, students will:

  • Develop the competencies and skills needed to be successful in the business and professional community

  • Assess and integrate skills, experience, and learning required in previous coursework and plan for career success

  • Apply skills developed through practice-oriented, educational experiences in a professional setting

  • Contribute to meaningful community and  public service

  • Recognize personal and professional responsibility and an obligation to good citizenship

  • Employers are active in the education of the workforce to target employment needs that are of economic importance to our community

Employer Benefits:

  • Recruit future workforce and develop potential employees

  • Proven, cost-effective means to observe new employees with necessary skills that are a good fit with the company

  • Meet short-term work needs with quality candidates: temporary fulltime, part-time, seasonal positions; one-time special projects, campaigns, or company events

  • Develop entry-level positions in major degree areas continuously filled with qualified MTC students

  • Year-round source of technically skilled pre-professionals

  • Flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term employer commitment

  • New talent in the company to invigorate the workforce

  • Fresh perspective to old problems, new technologies

  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue other projects

  • Diversify the workforce

As a result, your company or organization will:

  • Encourage best practices in your profession

  • Engage in the education of the workforce as it pertains to your business

  • Increase visibility of your organization on campus and in the community

  • Contribute company and organization expertise to the educational expertise in collaborative effort to build a strong workforce for the area

  • Enrich the personal educational experience of individuals within MTC student body and the Marion community

  • Marion Technical College leads partnership agreements with area employers to make MTC the community’s first choice for learning.

  • Explore the possibilities the cooperative Education Experience Program at Marion Technical College has for you!

Students In Co-Ops Testimonials

Karley BeachKarley Beach-Fastenal-well-developed Business Management Corporate Program “Throughout my co-op experience and being employed at Fastenal I was able to gain a multitude of skills and trainings that I know will help me later in life. “


Sara BarlowSara Barlow-Department of Jobs & Family Services- Union County "My responsibilities during my co-op were updating leave records, updating the full-time employee report, updating the overtime and comp time report, creating an access database of applicant’s, creating an access database of current employees and if they completed the probationary period, create personnel folders, create new hire orientation packets, file and audit personnel records."

Mary PatrickMary Patrick - Office Manager for ‘Abilities in Action’ Employment Enterprise in Bucyrus “My position with AiA is a hybrid position titles Finance and HR Manager.  I am responsible for processing our payroll, and complete all the necessary forms with new employees.  In the area of finance, I am responsible for posting payments and tracking outstanding Accounts Receivable and processing Accounts Payable.  I am responsible for Federal, State and Local tax filings…"


Alexis OsborneAlexis Osborne-Customer Service Representative in recognizable local business McDanial’s Automotive "My job title at McDaniel is usually service porter; As a service porter, I greet customers, gather their information, then give it to the Service Advisor or Service Manager to type the repair order up and run the VIN report; VIN reports show any open recalls on the vehicles and the GM warranty information."


Erika FrileyErika Friley-Hobby Lobby Management Intern “One of the special projects that I worked on while working at my co-op was a large canvas stretch painting that had a double mat and stacked frame that went around it. It was the first time I had ever been allowed to stretch a canvas by myself and also the first time I would cut and attach a fillet.”…


Ellie GrielichEllie Grielich-Business Management Accounting specialization-scheduling, inventory, and cash receipts, as well as sales! “I completed my cooperative experience at Sunburst Tanning Salon, which was my original place of work. Sunburst is a small business, so I had the opportunity to see firsthand some of the things it takes to run a business.”


Connor TetarsConnor Tetars “Since the degree I am pursuing is in marketing, I wanted to take on a specific task that would put my knowledge to use.”


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