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Business Management (ASAP) FAQ


Why is a college degree important?

Earning an associate degree in business management will make you a more effective employee. The courses will help you get the knowledge you need to be a good manager and work effectively with co-workers and customers.

National projections indicate there will be approximately a 10 percent increase in job opportunities through 2014 for entry-level business management positions involving purchasing, production, business planning, and financial services. Ohio expects as much as a 15 percent increase in similar occupational categories through 2012.

According to the Ohio Board of Regent's Performance Report for Ohio Colleges and Universities, individuals who have an associate degree earn 44 percent more than high school graduates with no college coursework.

What makes ASAP different?

ASAP is a different way to complete the coursework required for an associate degree in Business Management. The ASAP format – one evening per week -- is designed to meet the educational needs of busy, working adults. ASAP students take classes with the same group of students for the entire time they are enrolled, and classes focus on one subject at a time in an interactive, team-based learning environment. Classroom instruction is on the same evening of the week at the same time for the entire program, allowing students to plan work and family schedules.

How long will it take to earn a Business Management Degree in the ASAP?

Students in ASAP attend class one night per week, take one class at a time, and complete substantial work outside of class to finish the degree in approximately two years.

What will it take to succeed in this program?

Successful students will make a personal commitment, attend all classes, and complete out-of-class coursework assignments on time. In addition to participating in four hours of classroom instruction each week, students are expected to spend about 20 hours a week in self-directed learning, using the Internet and e-mail to complete work.

What are the challenges ASAP students will encounter?

The ASAP is a challenging program because it provides less classroom “lecture” time and requires students to complete work outside of class. ASAP students have a “full-time course load” commitment.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • A part-time student enrolls in 8 credit hours in the traditional format (two classes). This means the student must attend class 8 hours per week and spend an additional 8-12 hours per week on homework.
  • An ASAP student attends class only 4 hours per week and will spend an additional 15 – 20 hours per week online and working on homework.

What courses are included in the program?

Coursework includes information technology, math, communications, economics, international business, accounting, project management, customer relationship management, psychology, public relations and entrepreneurship.

Why does an accelerated program still take two years to complete?

Most working adults attend college part time (taking one or two courses per term), which extends the length of time necessary to complete an associate degree to four or five years. A traditional course schedule often requires students to attend class two to four nights per week. Students in ASAP attend class one night per week, take one class at a time, and complete substantial work outside of class to finish the degree in 26 months.

Will my credits transfer to other colleges?

Marion Technical College offers ASAP graduates several transfer pathways to further their education at a four-year college or university. The Mt. Vernon Nazarene University accelerated bachelor's degree program is offered on the MTC campus and a formal agreement has been created with Franklin University to allow graduates to compete a bachelor's degree online. Many of the courses in the ASAP are included in Ohio’s higher education course transfer system, which means that the courses will transfer to other public two- and four-year Ohio colleges.

What if I start the ASAP and can’t continue?

Any student who leaves the ASAP will receive the academic advising necessary to continue as a traditional student. The advisor will help plan a degree-completion strategy for the student.

What advantages does Marion Technical College offer me?

The Business Technologies Department faculty members are experts in their field, with real-world experience in their professions.

Since 1971, thousands of individuals have earned college degrees at MTC. The institution's graduates are respected members of the local business community.

MTC is affordable, with tuition among the lowest in Ohio and MTC offers many forms of financial aid.

How do I apply to the ASAP?

Because of the format of the ASAP, only a limited number of applicants will be accepted. You are welcome to attend a general information meeting about ASAP. You may register for an information session or apply to the program by calling 740.389.4636.


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