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MTC Course Credit-by-Exam
OIS 1260 PowerPoint

Course Description:

PowerPoint graphics software will be used to create multimedia presentations that capture an audience's attention. Students will create, design, and modify presentations; work with visual elements; integrate data from other sources; create output options; and deliver presentations both synchronously and asynchronously.

Scheduling the Credit by Exam:

The student must complete the credit-by-exam form and pay the fee ($15) for the exam at the Business Office prior to taking the exam.  The student must contact Vicki Weaver in Room 161C,, or telephone at 740-389-4115 to schedule an appointment to take the credit by exam.  The student must bring his or her receipt to the scheduled testing appointment.

Evaluation Criteria:

The OIS 1260 credit by exam you will complete will be a hands-on demonstration of various application features using PowerPoint 2013.

Students need to be familiar with the following PowerPoint features:

  • Create presentations through various formats including a template, Wizard, new, blank, and existing slides.

  • Save presentations as a new file, existing file, or different file.

  • Delete slides.

  • Create a specified type slide.

  • Navigate among the slide, outline, sorter, and tri-pane views.

  • Copy a slide from one presentation to another presentation.

  • Insert header and footers.

  • Change the slide order of a presentation using Slide Sorter view or the Outline view.

  • Change the layout for one or more slides.

  • Modify the Slide Master. Apply a design template.

  • Change and replace text fonts within an individual slide or the entire presentation.

  • Import text from Word.

  • Change text alignment.

  • Create and enter text and use the wrap feature within a textbox.

  • Use the Format Painter to apply text format.

  • Promote and Demote text in Slide and Outline panes.

  • Add a picture from the ClipArt Gallery.

  • Add and group shapes using WordArt or the Drawing Toolbar.

  • Place text inside a shape using a textbox.

  • Scale, size, rotate, fill, and animate various objects and text.

  • Create tables within PowerPoint.

  • Add and modify bullets. Add speaker notes and narration.

  • Add slide transitions and slide builds.

  • Publish a presentation as “Package for CD” including the folder option.

  • Preview a presentation in black and white.

  • Print slides in a variety of formats including speaker’s notes, audience handouts, and overhead transparency.

  • Start a slide show on any slide and use the screen navigation and accent tools.

  • Add user navigation buttons to a presentation.

  • Control the advancement of slides automatically or manually.

  • Insert a hyperlink.

  • Rule of Six.

  • Naming conventions.


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