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MTC Course Credit-by-Exam
OIS 1260 PowerPoint

Course Description:

PowerPoint graphics software will be used to create multimedia presentations that capture an audience's attention. Students will create, design, and modify presentations; work with visual elements; integrate data from other sources; create output options; and deliver presentations both synchronously and asynchronously.

Scheduling the Credit by Exam:

The student must complete the credit-by-exam form and pay the fee ($15) for the exam at the Business Office prior to taking the exam.  The student must contact Kristy Taylor in Room 161C,, or telephone at 740-389-4636 Ext. 273 to schedule an appointment to take the credit by exam.  The student must bring his or her receipt to the scheduled testing appointment.

Evaluation Criteria:

The OIS 1260 credit by exam you will complete will be a hands-on demonstration of various application features using PowerPoint 2013.

Students need to be familiar with the following PowerPoint features:

Create presentations through various formats including a template, Wizard, new, blank, and existing slides.

Save presentations as a new file, existing file, or different file.

Delete slides.

Create a specified type slide.

Navigate among the slide, outline, sorter, and tri-pane views.

Copy a slide from one presentation to another presentation.

Insert header and footers.

Change the slide order of a presentation using Slide Sorter view or the Outline view.

Change the layout for one or more slides.

Modify the Slide Master. Apply a design template.

Change and replace text fonts within an individual slide or the entire presentation.

Import text from Word.

Change text alignment.

Create and enter text and use the wrap feature within a textbox.

Use the Format Painter to apply text format.

Promote and Demote text in Slide and Outline panes.

Add a picture from the ClipArt Gallery.

Add and group shapes using WordArt or the Drawing Toolbar.

Place text inside a shape using a textbox.

Scale, size, rotate, fill, and animate various objects and text.

Create tables within PowerPoint.

Add and modify bullets. Add speaker notes and narration.

Add slide transitions and slide builds.

Publish a presentation as “Package for CD” including the folder option.

Preview a presentation in black and white.

Print slides in a variety of formats including speaker’s notes, audience handouts, and overhead transparency.

Start a slide show on any slide and use the screen navigation and accent tools.

Add user navigation buttons to a presentation.

Control the advancement of slides automatically or manually.

Insert a hyperlink.

Rule of Six.

Naming conventions.


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