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MTC Course Credit-by-Exam
OIS 1240 Computer Applications

Course Description:

This integrated, project-based course will help students use the software applications Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to solve business problems. Students will use the Internet and e-mail as they research topics and prepare documents using the appropriate software applications. Course topics include technology history, future trends in technology, and the role of technology in a professional environment.

Scheduling the Credit by Exam:

The student must complete the credit-by-exam form and pay the fee ($45) for the exam in the MTC Business Office prior to taking the exam. The student must contact Vicki Weaver in Room 161C,, or telephone at 740-389-4115 to schedule an appointment to take the credit by exam. The student must bring his or her receipt to the scheduled testing appointment.


The OIS 1240 CBE test your Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint skills for a PC. The following MTC IT College Graduate Competency will be assessed as well:

Use basic operating system functions including file management

Connect to the Internet and use a Web browser to research and obtain information

Create, send, and receive e-mail and attachments

Create, edit, and print a professional document using a word processing application

Create, edit, and print a professional document using a spreadsheet application

Students should be very familiar with the following features:


  • Headers/footers

  • Margins

  • Font selection and manipulation

  • Line Spacing

  • Formatting Numbers and Bullets

  • Columns

  • Find and Replace

  • Printing options

  • Naming conventions

  • Paste Functions including OLE

  • Citations and Bibliography

  • Mail Merge


  • Headers/footers

  • Margins

  • Font selection and manipulation

  • Formatting cells, columns, and rows

  • Calculations

  • Formulas

  • Labeling tabs

  • Charts

  • Naming conventions

  • Paste Functions including OLE


  • Create, modify, and navigate tables

  • Build and modify a basic query

  • Export data


  • Creating Slides

  • Templates

  • Headers/Footers

  • Speaker Notes

  • Paste Functions including OLE

File Management:

  • Creating folders and subfolders

  • Renaming items

  • Copying, moving, and deleting items


  • Sending, retrieving, and composing email through MTC student email accounts

  • Attachments


  • Effective search techniques

  • Citing URLs correctly

  • Multitasking


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