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MTC Course Credit-by-Exam
MGT 1400 Introduction to Management

A student completing this course will be able to:

Describe the nature of management and characterize their importance to the organization.

Identify and briefly explain the basic management functions in organizations.

Analyze how the U.S. workforce is changing and its impact on organizations.

Evaluate the most recent legislation affecting diversity and its provisions.

Identify the approaches to assessing organizational effectiveness.

Analyze the function of decision making and the planning process.

Identify the major barriers to goal setting and planning, how organizational overcome those barriers, and how to use goals to implement plans.

Discuss rational perspectives on decision making, including the steps in decision making and apply to a case study.

Discuss group and team decision making, including its advantages and disadvantages, and analyze scenarios on how it can be managed more effectively.

Discuss the steps in organization change and create a plan on how to manage resistance to change in a case study scenario.

Discuss the innovation process, forms of innovation, the failure to innovate, and how organizations can promote innovation.

Discuss how organizations attract human resources, including human resource planning, recruiting, and selecting.

Describe how organizations develop human resources, including training & development, performance appraisal, and performance feedback.

Identify and describe the major content and process perspectives on motivation and the role of organizational reward systems in motivation.

Differentiate among the basic forms of communication in organizations and evaluate appropriate methods in different scenarios.

Explain the purpose of control, identify different types of control, and describe the steps in the control process.

Evaluate different methods for conducting employee orientation.

Evaluate major types of training for employees and appropriate methods for conducting training.

Topics Covered in Course

Top Modern Supervision:

Concepts & Skills

Ensuring High Quality & Productivity


Emphasizing Powerful Meetings

Managing Diversity

Reaching Goals:

Plans & Controls Organizing and Authority

The Supervisor as a Leader

Problem Solving, Decision Making & Creativity Communication

Motivating Employees

Problem Employees:

Counseling and Discipline

Managing Conflict and Change

Selecting Employees

Providing Orientation and Training

Appraising Performance


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