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MTC Course Credit-by-Exam
BUS 1010 Business English Skills

Course Description:

This course is designed to refine basic English skills that relate to business through the use of realistic learning materials. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization, vocabulary, and sentence structure are emphasized and reinforced.

Scheduling the Credit by Exam:

The student must complete the credit-by-exam form and pay the fee ($45) for the exam in the MTC Business Office prior to taking the exam. The student must contact Vicki Weaver in Room 161C,, or telephone at 740-389-4115 to schedule an appointment to take the credit by exam. The student must bring his or her receipt to the scheduled testing appointment.

Evaluation Criteria:

Using proofreaders' marks, the student will correct written sentences and using Microsoft® Word format and correct two letters applying the following grammatical applications.

Apply proper punctuation in the following situations:

Comma, Parenthetical Comma, Appositive Comma, Explanatory Comma, Direct Address Comma, Series Comma, Introductory Comma, Conjunction Comma, Coordinate Adjective Comma, Nonrestrictive Dash, Afterthoughts and Interruptions Hyphen, Compound Adjectives Semicolon, Replacing Conjunction Semicolon, Before Conjunction Semicolon, Series Apostrophes, Possessives Apostrophes, Contractions Colon, Listed Items Colon, Introductory Quotation Marks, Direct Quotation Quotation Marks, Independent Clauses Quotation Marks, With Punctuation Quotation Marks, Titles Determine the best choice of homonyms.

Demonstrate correct number usage with the following:

General Rules for Numbers Related Numbers Numbers at the Beginning of Sentences Indefinite Amounts, Dates, Ordinals, Dollars and Cents Adjacent Numbers, Percentages, Time Addresses Dimensions, Weights, Quantities Capitalize properly in the following situations: Names, Places, and Geographical Terms Titles of Books, Magazines, and Articles Seasons, Trade Names Words Before Figures Apply the proper choice when confronted with words most often misspelled, confused, and misused.

Demonstrate the use of the correct form of personal pronouns in the following situations:

After Verb To Be As Part of a Compound Subject After a Preposition As Object of Verb After As or Than Generic Pronouns Singular Personal Pronouns Before Verbs Ending in ing Relative Pronouns Who and Whom Determine subject and verb agreement. Apply decision-making skills by correctly formatting the business letter, personal business letter, memorandum, and manuscript.


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